Instructions - Oman Ophiolite Virtual Field Trip Quiz

  1. In the box on the left sketch in pencil the rock types and structures that you might expect to find in an ophiolite complex. You should be able to do this based on the knowledge you have acquired during the Level I and Level II courses.

  2. Find an hour before the end of week 8 to do the Oman Virtual Field Trip Quiz. A link to the URL can be found on the Level III Global Processes Web page. Quadras 2, 3 & 4 have been reserved for you at those times you are not timetabled to be doing anything else.

  3. In the box on the left show the likely structural position (as a circled number) for each slide in the quiz. Feel free to complete this exercise in groups of two or three. Bring along the completed exercise to G27 at 2pm on Friday 28th November or drop it into Kate Moore's pigeon hole before Friday. The results will be discussed in the WWW question and answer session in week 10.