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Letter: Anthony Standbank, mayor of Bristol to Winchester, the Lord Treasurer,15 February 1565

Source: Transcribed by Evan Jones (2007) [checked 3]
Manuscript: TNA SP46/27 fo. 238

This letter contains the mayor of Bristol's response to orders received on 31 January 1565 to establish a royal commission in Bristol. The reports the commission produced are available at: Bristol Port Survey, 21 May 1565 and Survey of Smuggling in Bristol, 1565.

fo. 238r.

Right honorable my dutie humblie remembred, where the last of Jaunuary
last past I receved the quenes highnes commission of owt of her majesties Court
of Excheker and a lettre from your honours directed to Sir Morrice
Barkeley Sir Giles Pole Sir Thomas Throckmorton knightes William
Rede esquier and unto me for the survey of the porte of Bristowe and crekes
belongyng to the same and the answering of other the articles to the same
Commission annexed, Thise nowe be to signifie unto yow, that ymediatlie
uppon the receiptt of the same I sent to every of the said commission er s the
same Commission and letteres, And uppon retorne of my servant whome I
sent with the same, I receved ffrom the said gentilmen these aunsweres
Sir Giles Pole was sick and not able to travaille out of his house
who laie at Coppeland in Glocitershire xl myles ffrom Bristowe.
Sir Thomas Throckmorton was also then sick and yet is and lieth
xii myles ffrom Bristowe, who uppon the receiptt of the same comission and
letteres wrote unto me that he wold come to Bristowe with in v daies after
for thexecucion of the same comission and afterwardes advertised me that
he was so sick he colde not obs er ve his determynacion, and so he hoping
of spedie recoverie of helth ment to have ben at Bristowe before this
tyme for that purpose, but by occasion of the contynuance of his sickness
ys not of long tyme like to serve in this behalf / Mr Rede was also
syck and dwellith xl myles ffrom Bristowe, and as unto Sir
Moriyce Barkeley he was gon into Devonshire ffrom his howse at
Bruton and so to London before the receiptt of this Comission
where he yet remayneth and so none of the same Commissioners not
now incase to serve in this case behalf, By occasion of which impedymentes
we cannot pursue the excecucion of the premisses, And therefore your
honours (if it shall so please you ) may for the more spedie service of the
quenes highnes herein to appoint some other persons, And for my
parte I shall with willing harte acordyng to my bounden dutie be alwaies
redie to attend in this service. There dwelleth with in ii myles of Bristow
Sir George Norton knight and in Bristowe be ii persons that in my
pore judgement for this matter the one named David Harris an alderman
and the other Nicholas Williams mayor this last yere past which persons
the said articles nothing touche for that they be not merchaunts butt
leve by other meanes whome your honors may name or any other whome
you shall like, to be comission er s herin, and then I suppose you shall
receve spedie aunser to the said articles / I have sent back agayne
by the assent of Sir Thomas Throckmorton the same comission by this
bearer. Thus being sorie your Lordshippes expectacion cannot be acomplished
I wishe unto your honors long and happie liffes from Bristowe the
xv th of Februarie 1564 [1565]

Your honors must humblie
to commaunde
Anthony Standbank maior [signature]

fo. 238v

[Annotations in Winchester's hand on the reverse of the Letter]

Lord Maior of Bristoll
Sir George Norton
Richard Berkeley esquyer
David Harrys alderman
Nicholas Williams alderman
Robert Brayne ac

Winchester [signature]

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