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Prohibited Goods Exported to Spain from Bristol, 1587

Source: Transcribed by: Vanes, J. (ed.), Documents Illustrating the Overseas Trade of Bristol in the Sixteenth Century, (Bristol Record Society Publications, Vol. XXXI, Kendal, 1979), No. 161, p. 141.
Manuscript: National Archives S.P.15/30/62
Web version by: Richard Roberts (2005)

A note to certifie the names of those merchants whoe have furnished
the Kinge of Spaine with all kinde of provicion to the great hurte of her
Majestie and the utter undoing of her Highnes realme if such abuse be
not redressed.

John Barnard, master of the Gabriell.
In primis, Thomas Hollman, Humfrey Hollman and William
Swanley of Brystoll, merchauntes or co-partners, did fraight a shippe
called the Gabriell with fishe, butter and leather, lead and powder in
and to the porte of Jamounte in Spayne, valewed to be worth the
somme of 800 li sterling.

Daisye , William Wilson, The Lillye , Alexander Sewater.
John Roberts, merchaunt, sithence that tyme, fraighted and
transported 2 shippes for the same place and with lyke comodytie, to
the valew of 2000 li and the shippe called the Lillye was seased to the
Kinges use with foure caste peeces and tenn muskettes.

Robert Penticost of Brystoll, merchaunt, did also fraight a shippe
called the Lytle William with like commodytie, valewed at 600 li .
Robert Barratt, master and owner of a shippe called the Jonas ,
sometyme the Beare , was furnished and freighted by Master Hopkins,
merchaunt, and others with lyke commodyties and was their sold with
foure cast peeces and all her sailes and tacklings, for the somme of
300 li starling.

Thomas Rockold, master of the Violett.
Robert Alder of Bristowe, merchaunt, did fraight and transport the
shippe called the Vyolett with like comodytie unto Jamounte, to the
valew of 1200 li.

Francys Poyllis, merchaunt, transported a shippe called a Pellican
unto the same place and with like commodyties to the valew of 1200 li.

William Dawson of Bristoll transported a shippe unto the same
place and with the same commodyties and sould there by on Edward
Foreman, being factor for the said Dawson and others, to the valew of
1400 li.

John Jenkins of Swansey, master of the Jeames .
Ralphe Sadler, Richard Sadler and Richard Jeames, merchauntes of
Bristoll, did also fraight a shippe called the Jeames of Swansey unto
the same porte, and with like commodyties to the valew of 900 li , and
afterwardes was seased to the Kinges use with foure cast peeces and
eight muskettes, with all other necessary commodyties belonging to
the same.

Note: See also S.P. 12/218/30, S.P.12/239/ 92, S.P.12/242/57, S.P.12/271/85.

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