The Smugglers' City
Department of History, University of Bristol


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This is the website for a second-year 'Special Field' history unit and its associated 'Special Field Project' in the Department of History, Bristol University (UK). These units are taught through ten two-hour seminars and ten one-hour seminars. Class sizes are limited to about a dozen students. Each student also receives at least two one-to-one tutorials. For a brief introduction to the unit, see the unit outline.

The unit is taught by Dr Evan Jones. Most of the information for the unit is now delivered through a separate 'Blackboard' site, which provides details of the seminars for each week and access to scanned materials. The Reading list and the Sources page on this open access website have been maintained, however, since it has proved useful in the past to external visitors.

'The Smugglers' City' ran in 2007/8, 2009/10 and 2011/12.

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