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The Bristol Record Society is devoted to the study and publication of the historic records of the City and County of Bristol. Since its foundation in 1929 it has published over sixty major volumes. These are an indispensable aid to all with a serious interest in the study of any aspects of Bristol History and form an invaluable and readily accessible collection of source material. All the volumes, together with their informative introductions, are products of the freely given work of scholars, each of whom is an expert in the chosen topic.

Notice of Annual General Meeting, 7 November 2011 (pdf)

Illustrated here is the City Badge, granted on 16 February 1983. The design of the badge is based on the City's ancient Coat of Arms which has its origins in the 13th century burgesses' seal. The earliest record of the adoption of the ship and castle theme as the official arms is in the three illuminated charters of 1373. The use of the Coat of Arms is, strictly speaking, confined to the City Council which obtained the grant of the City Badge in 1983 for use, with official permission, by institutions associated with the City.


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