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The Bristol Beating Bowel Cancer Appeal is delighted to announce it has achieved its 1.5 million target. Thanks to generous donations by the citizens of Bristol and a number of charitable organisations for the research programme and a major donation from the John James Bristol Foundation to refurbish
Professor Paraskeva's laboratories.

The Appeal was launched jointly by the University of Bristol and The Cancer Research Campaign
(CRC) in March 1999. Bristol is a major national and international centre for bowel cancer research.

The CRC Colorectal Tumour Biology Research Group is led by leading bowel cancer expert,
Professor Chris Paraskeva, Professor of Experimental Oncology at the University of Bristol.

Professor Paraskeva's pioneering work has already moved bowel cancer research many steps forward.

Professor Paraskeva and his team pioneered research to grow pre-cancerous and cancerous bowel
tumours in the laboratory, which allows experiments, and new treatments to be tested before clinical
trials involving patients begin.

His team was the first to report that dietary factors, which reduce the risk of bowel cancer, may be
working by forcing bowel tumours to commit suicide. They have also shown that aspirin and new
aspirin-like drugs, which reduce the risk of cancer, cause bowel tumour cells to self-destruct.
There is great excitement in the possible use of these drugs not only in cancer prevention
but also for novel treatments for bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK with 32,000 new cases diagnosed every
year. Only lung cancer claims more lives.

Professor Chris Paraskeva, Director of The CRC Colorectal Tumour Biology Research Group,
said: 'The new laboratories are fantastic and have dramatically improved our working environment
and efficiency. I cannot thank enough the John James Bristol Foundation, the many other charitable organisations and the people of Bristol who have made major contributions to the Appeal.

'Given that the Appeal has reached its 1.5 million target and the completion of our refurbished
laboratories, we can move forward with research at a much faster rate.'

A spokesperson for the John James Bristol Foundation, said: 'The John James Bristol Foundation
is delighted that the Appeal has realised its target and that it was able to give the lead donation,
which will be of benefit to so many people.'

Professor Gordon McVie, Director General of The CRC, said: 'The work Professor Paraskeva
has pioneered on developing modified aspirin as an anti-cancer drug is some of the most exciting
in the world of cancer research.

'Even while this Appeal has been going on, it has emerged that aspirin may also be useful in
combating prostate cancer which kills 10,000 men in the UK every year.'

'Supporters of Bristol Beating Bowel Cancer have helped to ensure that these advances which
promise so much will continue here in Bristol.'

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