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The University's new visual identity 4 April
Massive 'concrete' pour creates floor for BLADE 3 April
Weston schools experience hands-on science 3 April
2.6m research boost for university chemists 2 April
Poor air quality in Bristol linked to deaths in over-65s 2 April
Scientific encounters for city kids 1 April
Schools tackle chemistry challenge 26 March
An evening of evolution 21 March
University chiefs head for Bristol 20 March
Focus on Eleanor 20 March
Breastfeeding - it's all in the mind 20 March
90,000 for diabetes research 18 March
Centre of the Earth opening 17 March
University goes green for Environment Week 17 March
One World Day 17 March
Student takes on Sand Marathon challenge 13 March
Peanut allergy may be linked to skin creams and soy milk 11 March
University joins forces with Bristol's entertainment industry 10 March
Study finds 'traditional' view of family life among young women in Bristol 10 March
Earthquake challenge for young engineers 6 March
Statement on admissions policy 4 March
Humans in harmony 3 March
Disabled people effect change in healthcare delivery 3 March
Business plan shortlist announced 28 February
Talking shop - chief executive of M & S gives lecture at university 27 February
Honorary degrees awarded in February 26 February
New online Directory of Experts goes live 25 February
Ice experts awarded 458,000 to study climate change 21 February
Industry expert appointed as new visiting professor 19 February
Parents of large families may be at greater risk of heart disease 18 February
Students sleep out for the homeless 17 February
Dance the night away with SCA 17 February
26m funding boost for scientific research 13 February
Free lunchtime lectures explore the right to privacy 13 February
Meet the team behind Children of the 90s 7 February
Stubble equals trouble: shaving, heart disease and stroke 5 February
Are children really couch potatoes these days? 29 January
Britons' 6000-year-old taste for dairy products 28 January
'Modernising government': new research from the CMPO 27 January
Fifty years of stress - and still no definitive answers 27 January
Putting a price on happiness 27 January
Ants hold key to traffic chaos 27 January
Long waiting lists do not reflect a general failure of the NHS 24 January
One in five older British women has heart disease 23 January
New study to reveal night life of parents and babies 15 January
University opens its doors for tours 15 January
Research at Bristol gets closer to European funding 10 January
Bristol spin-out achieves success in Europe 3 January
Meningitis: a cold reminder 2 January
Warning: Penalty shoot-outs can seriously damage your health 20 December
Academic exchange in the pub 20 December
RapidScan does it quicker 18 December
The hidden hazards of volcanoes 16 December
Student 'convicts' escape for charity 11 December
Black women still disadvantaged at work 4 December
President of Ireland awarded honorary degree 4 December
Repeated testing lowers pupils' motivation 29 November
Bristol academics awarded 250,000 for Cyprus antennae health survey 26 November
It's party time! 25 November
Bristol academic honoured 25 November
Faster growth in infants born small 25 November
Two-billion-year-old surprise found beneath the Azores 22 November
The Gulbenkian prize for museums and galleries 22 November
Local students invited to get a Headstart 19 November
An evening with Otzi the iceman 14 November
Bristol academics honoured for world-class achievements 13 November
Singing for sex 13 November
Bristol student shortlisted for national prize 13 November
The best of friends 1 November
Neurotargets awarded European patent for the treatment of nerve damage 29 October
History revealed from the air 28 October
Heavy paracetamol use in pregnancy linked to childhood wheezing 28 October
'Shopping list' of parent's worries on the menu at child health and development conference 22 October
Education for the 21st century 22 October
New study will find out best treatment for depression 22 October
Sykes to bring science to the people 22 October
Food for thought: science in the kitchen 21 October
Exercise could help ward off cancer 18 October
Pool chemicals do not damage growth of the unborn child 16 October
Time to get physical 16 October
Gorilla regains full sight in cataract operation by Bristol Zoo Gardens 16 October
Bristol: successes and missed opportunities 14 October
A-level regrading issue: message to affected applicants 11 October
The art and science of physic 11 October
Overhead powerlines, miscarriage and depression 11 October
Mind out for mental health 9 October
Bridging the divide 9 October
Bristol: successes and missed opportunities 14 October
Talking horses 1 October
Risky business? Help is on line 30 September
Prolonged use of the contraceptive pill could increase fertility 27 September
Bristol student wins chemistry oscar 26 September
The walk-in centre experience 25 September
Festival of language learning 23 September
New ways of reducing salt intake needed to make a long-term impact on blood pressure 20 September
Active opportunities for inner-city youngsters 18 September
University shortlisted for prestigious award 17 September
Bristol physicists honoured 17 September
Issues and action in childhood obesity 17 September
"Off-pump" heart surgery reduces complications in overweight patients 16 September
Major breakthrough in treating autism 12 September
Come and meet Bristol's very own dinosaur 12 September
Pigs use brain not brawn in anger management 11 September
Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?
A. To take a lesson in diet and social behaviour
11 September
Science and the quality of life 9 September
Award for novel mountain bike design 6 September
Women physicists speak 3 September
International meeting of minds 30 August
Partners in practice 29 August
Art and science come together for Bristol 28 August
Admissions 2002 15 August
Beyond the headlines 15 August
Up, up and away 12 August
New test piloted for childhood leukaemia 6 August
University celebrates life and work of Nobel Prize winning scientist 2 August
Archaeological dig at stone age site on Exmoor 31 July
The mathematics of a clean swimming pool 31 July
Bristol scientists discover new molecule that could prevent tumour growth 17 July
Students get a taste of University life 12 July
Honorary degrees awarded at Bristol University
[July 12]
12 July
Royal seal of approval for Children of the 90s 12 July
Strongest medical evidence seldom considered newsworthy 12 July
Timely Antiretroviral Therapy Essential For Best Prognosis In People With HIV-1 Infection 12 July
Honorary degrees awarded at Bristol University
[July 11]
11 July
Dorothy Hodgkin building - topping-out ceremony 10 July
Honorary degrees awarded at Bristol University
[July 10]
10 July
Centre for Medical Education opens 10 July
Honorary degrees awarded at Bristol University
[July 9]
9 July
Honorary degrees awarded at Bristol University
[July 8]
8 July
Evaluation of walk-in centres published 4 July
And the winner is . . . Bristol Enterprise Centre Business Plan Competition - Prize Winner 2 July
Caesareans could make it more difficult to have other children 2 July
A week of whizz-bang! 1 July
A day of horsing around 1 July
Patients to benefit from state of the art cardiology catheter laboratories 28 June
Hi-tech "watermark" will expose digital images that have been tampered with 28 June
Top charity injects "more than a million" into the south-west to help fight heart disease 28 June
Early eye testing could make a huge difference to poorly-sighted children 28 June
Mathematician awarded prestigious prize 28 June
Thousands of sixth-formers to get a taste of university life 27 June
Honorary degrees at Bristol University 27 June
Too clean for our own good? 27 June
Bristol health workers say 'thank you' to patients 26 June
'Racial bias' challenge to universities 25 June
Boost for climate research at Bristol University 17 June
Zoo helps endangered African penguins 17 June
University beats Bristols traffic 13 June
University wins Travel Plan Award 13 June
Find your bike a buddy 12 June
Estelle Morris praises new, free Internet resource for further education 11 June
From earth to sky for aircraft safety 6 June
Drama queens come to Bristol 5 June
Stressed mums-to-be could find their children more of a handful 5 June
Lecturer honoured for work in Kazakhstan 31 May
Big money for tiny particles 23 May
Bristol scientist honoured by Royal Society 16 May
British farming - the future? 16 May
Vice-Chancellor brushes up on skills 15 May
New light on the Matthew of Bristol 9 May
MEP to visit University 9 May
Why a tot for the mum may not be so bad for the tot 3 May
Meningitis labs open 2 May
Dinosaurrific! 30 April
Crossing the pond
Young researchers forge new transatlantic links
29 April
Making planes safer and cheaper 29 April
Alone on the Pacific 26 April
Biz/ed is one of the best web sites 24 April
Response to media stories concerning Professor Peter Fleming 23 April
Transforming schools - citizenship in action 23 April
University all set for Environment Week 23 April
Sustainable transport for the future 23 April
Medical matters and secret loves 22 April
Future high fliers for industry 19 April
Open day for Bristol's well-known garden 17 April
Bristol RAG benefits charities 17 April
Exploring Computer Science 15 April
Gorilla regains sight in ground-breaking operation by Bristol Zoo Gardens 12 April
Higher Education Minister Margaret Hodge said other institutions should follow the Bristol way 12 April
UK National Astronomy Meeting 9 April
Fulfil your fundraising potential 8 April
Great George to observe Queen Mother's funeral 5 April
New heart op' could lead to fewer complications and reduced costs, says top surgeon 5 April
Bristol's young sporting stars get the professional treatment 4 April
University goes green 28 March
Site makes top three 28 March
Cloning or sex - which is best? 27 March
A day of whizz-bang! 21 March
New research shows benefits of playing computer games 20 March
British Academy awards 20 March
Nobel Prize winners to visit Bristol 20 March
City kids set for scientific encounter 19 March
Expansion of the European Union 19 March
Hitchcock and the Cold War 14 March
Science alive! 13 March
A night to remember 13 March
Earthquake hits @Bristol 13 March
Western intelligence, Osama Bin Laden and international terrorism 12 March
Take your knowledge of Microsoft word processing a step further 12 March
Tackling drunk-driving 11 March
IT and the law - what's the score? 7 March
Solve London's traffic problems 7 March
No evidence of 'muesli-belt malnutrition' in British toddlers 7 March
Learning to drink from a cup helps toddlers in the battle for healthy eating 7 March
Mind, brain and beyond 6 March
Bristol Business Plan finalists announced 4 March
It's RAG time 28 February
Science from space 28 February
The University wins 75,000 BT Lifelong Learning Award 26 February
First cases of adult diabetes found in obese white adolescents in UK 21 February
Sustainability expert at University 19 February
Ship shape and Bristol fashion 19 February
Museum status for Bristol's Theatre Collection 19 February
Lifting the lid on global environmental politics 15 February
Our earth: origins and endings 15 February
Honorary Degrees awarded 13 February
Bridging art and science 11 February
Over the counter cough medicines may be an unnecessary expense 8 February
Physicist wins international research grant 8 February
Tragic loss 7 February
An expert's view of the web 4 February
Raising and giving 29 January
Extending democracy in Bristol 22 January
Psychology and personal health 22 January
Babies who wheeze don't have to develop asthma 21 January
Sex unlikely to cause a stroke and may reduce risk of sudden death 17 January
MS Appeal wins generous support from John James Bristol Foundation 16 January
Talking horses 15 January
Depression as a cause of stroke 11 January
Bristol scientists "nose" ahead in exciting new arthritis breakthrough 9 January
Cannabis hampers baby growth 8 January
World-class research triumph 14 December
Bats' acoustic blindness 14 December
Sexual diversity 13 December
Leverhulme Trust supports international research at Bristol 11 December
Exploring Shakespeare's Othello 11 December
Come and discover a world of opportunity 10 December
Fulful your fundraising potential 10 December
The learning game 7 December
Don't get Chlamydia this Christmas 7 December
Award for Bristol scientist 7 December
Lake Vostok - new research 6 December
The role of a university in its region 3 December
Bristol scientist honoured 30 November
What are vets for? 28 November
Become a silver surfer in a day 27 November
Mission impossible? 27 November
Important step for brain research 23 November
It's party time! 20 November
Power of place 19 November
Widening access and improving life chances 13 November
New ribs for Bristol University's hidden beast 12 November
Launch of the Virtual Learning Arcade 12 November
New web design and computing adult education courses 6 November
Valuing diversity - the disability agenda 6 November
Boateng lecture cancelled 1 November
Lecture by leading 20th century playwright 30 October
Archaeology scores 22 in subject review 26 October
World class research labs 18 October
Join the Experts for some Wildtalk-at-Bristol 10 October
SPS celebrates first child care programme 9 October
Celebration gets under way 8 October
Get off that couch! 8 October
Funding bids succeed 5 October
Greenhouse of the dinosaurs 4 October
Computer courses for everyone 4 October
University opens up in celebration 18 September
A message of sympathy 12 September
University gains new chief 1 September
Fulfil your fundraising potential 24 August
Bristol stays out of clearing 18 August
Trouble in paradise 17 August
Bristol Doctors to investigate causes of common form of arthritis 10 August
Meningitis clotting pathway cracked by UK and US scientists 8 August
500,000 cash boost to Bristol cancer research 8 August
Women in Parliament 8 August
Charity Golf Day 7 August
Depression during pregnancy more common than postnatal depression 4 August
Bristol wins bid to build a new learning landscape 20 July
Students get a taste of University life 16 July
University awards Honorary degrees 13 July
University awards Honorary degrees 12 July
Research ethics - can you help? 12 July
Scientists find new clue to the origin of the Universe 12 July
University awards Honorary degrees 11 July
University awards Honorary degrees 10 July
University awards Honorary degrees 9 July
New course for entrepreneurs 4 July
And the winner is . . . ! 3 July
A week of whizz-bang! 2 July
Unique opportunity to see 'virtual fossils' at major summer science exhibition 27 June
Altran Foundation for Innovation 2001 UK Prize Winner 21 June
Special birthday outing for a special centenarian 13 June
E-carshare 12 June
Eritrean Independence Day 1 June
University announces Honorary degrees 23 May
Theatre Collection celebrates 50 years in entertainment 21 May
Bristol scientists honoured 17 May
See the person, not the pounds 11 May
Bristol breeds new Brunels 10 May
New University spin-out company 10 May
Preview Day 9 May
Virtual tutorials! 8 May
Launch of new teaching and learning project 1 May
Five million steps 24 April
University appoints new professors 24 April
University hosts European Conference 18 April
Hodgkin Building gets the go ahead 12 April
Shaken to the ground 4 April
Philosophy QAA results 22 March
Kingman Fund launched 16 March
Depleted Uranium final report 13 March
Try out the Virtual Economy 6 March
Cannibalistic Celts discovered in South Gloucestershire 26 February
Hitler provided financial backing for study of smoking and lung cancer 23 February
Fraud and corruption in Bristol 21 February
Who's got the love bug? 14 February
Understanding a cry for help 13 February
University to gain high-tech Innovation Centre 13 February
Bristol Business Plan competition: finalists announced 7 February
Aegis Pharmaceuticals merges with Hunter-Fleming Ltd 6 February
WISDOM - a project for the deaf community 25 January
Education score top marks 18 January
Breakthrough in diabetes research 15 December
Bristol historian hits the top spot 11 December
Anatomy and Physiology QAA success 7 December
Academic awarded over $5 million for research into anti-malarial drugs 4 December
2 million research grant for CMPO 29 November
Academic awarded 1.2 million for research into voice-box transplantation 21 November
Vice-Chancellor to open new Medical Sciences Teaching Laboratories 15 November
Economics QAA success 9 November
Information Service launched 1 November
Politics QAA success 19 October
Bowel Cancer Appeal reaches target 12 October
BEC Business Plan competition 9 October
Centre for Adoption and Foster Care opens 28 September
Statement on powerlines 25 September
New Vice-Chancellor for Bristol 1 August

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