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Explorers Committee

Contacting Us

We're a friendly bunch – feel free to email us with any questions you have about the club, whether you are a member or not. To send any of the committee an email, use the address [their first name]@explorersclub.co.uk. If you have any general problems or queries we can usually sort them out at a Tuesday meeting.

If you need to send us real post, our address is:

University of Bristol Explorers Club
Treasurers Office
Students Union
Queens Road
Bristol BS8 1LN

Scroll to the bottom or follow the link if you want to get to the archives...

Photo of Rhodri Name: Rhodri Bevan
Position: President
Photo of Becky Name: Becky Brooks
Position: Vice President
Photo of Katie Name: Katie Quarmby
Position: Secretary
Photo of Callum Name: Callum Wilson
Position: Equipment Officer
Photo of Judith Name: Judith Stapleton
Position: Publicity Officer
Photo of Kamran Name: Kamran Ghazi
Position: Transport Officer
Photo of Kai Name: Kai Konkolewski
Position: International Officer
Photo of Asim Name: Asim Ahmad
Position: Assistant Treasurer
Photo of Amy Name: Amy Dey
Position: Assistant Secretary
Photo of David Name: David Bernhard
Position: General Assistant

Participation Statement: As part of the British Mountaineering Council, members of the Explorers Club must understand that club activities may involve an element of risk in remote environments where medical/emergency services may not be immediately available. It is your responsibility to understand the exact nature of any activities you undertake and to bring suitable personal equipment.