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How to Join

Want to Join Explorers? A wise choice indeed, here's all the information you'll need:

Club membership is £10 for the academic year (non-students £13). You can join us at any time during the year. As a member you get insurance which allows you to come on any of our walks, copies of the club magazine ("Hik-Up"), discounted training sessions run by the club, and free use of the club's equipment upon request. This includes maps, tents, camping stoves and much more.

Join online

Our student union has decided that everyone MUST join online. Please read the instructions below. If you have any problems with the online sign-up, for example it doesn't like your credit card, drop us an e-mail and we'll sort things out for you.

Step 1

At the bottom of this page is a link to our union page. At the top of the union page, as indicated in the image below, is a black box that you click to log in.

The black box at the top of the page is a log in button.

Step 2

This takes you to the log in page. If you're a Bristol student, use the "log in with your university credentials" link and enter your username (something like ab12345) and password. If you're not a Bristol student, use "sign up now" on the right of the page and make an account — then you'll have to join the union first and you'll get charged the non-member rate.

Step 3

You will now find yourself back on our union page. On the right, an "add to basket" button appears (see image below) — click this.

Add us to your basket.

Step 4

Almost there! The black bar at the top now has a "your shopping basket" button. Click that and you'll be taken through a series of screens where you enter your details and card information. It's fairly sraightforward from here.

Choose 'your basket' at the top to join. All perfectly logical.

Ready to join?

Just click the link below to start. It'll open in a new window.


Begin your journey!

Signing up for a walk

Don't worry, it's much easier to sign up for a walk than it is to join online! Once you've joined, you'll get an e-mail every Monday evening with the week's events, telling you who's taking sign-ups. You just e-mail that person, get an e-mail back telling you if you've got a place or the walk's full, done.

Well, almost done — minibus and weekend trips you'll need to pay in advance. When you sign up, details of when and where you can meet us to pay will be in the e-mail.

Mailing list

Not sure about joining yet? Then why not just join our mailing list, it's completely free and you'll be informed of our events every week. And you can join the club ant time during the year when you're sure you want to come on a walk. Just e-mail secretary@explorersclub.co.uk and say you'd like to go on the list.

We would like remind new members that they come walking with us at their own risk, and we ask that you take responsibility for your own safety.

Participation Statement: As part of the British Mountaineering Council, members of the Explorers Club must understand that club activities may involve an element of risk in remote environments where medical/emergency services may not be immediately available. It is your responsibility to understand the exact nature of any activities you undertake and to bring suitable personal equipment.