A Guide To Vampire-Speak

Anarch: A vampire who has little or no respect for his elders. Most 'new born' vampires are automatically considered anarchs.

Ancilla: An 'adolescent' vampire. One who is not yet an elder but no longer a neonate.

Book of Nod: The sacred book of the kindred detailing their races origins and early history.

Black Hand: The elite divison of the sabbat handling spying and assassination.

Blood Kindred: The relationship between vampires of the same lineage or clan. Analogous to the human term 'blood brother'.

Brood: A group of vampires gathered around a single leader.

Caitiff: A vampire with no clan, often used in a derogatory fashion.

Coterie: A group of kindred who protect and support one another.

Camarilla, The: A global organisation of vampires dedicated to maintaining the masquerade.

Elder: A vampire over 300 years of age.

Elysium: The name given to those places where the elders meet. Combat is expressly forbidden in these places.

Embrace, The: The act of becoming a vampire

Generation: The number of steps between a vampire and the first vampire (rumoured to be Caine). Caine's progeny were the second generation, their progeny the third and so on. The oldest and most powerful remaining vampires are third generation, the youngest and weakest are 13th.

Gehenna: The impending armageddon. The final war between all vampires when those of the third generation shall rise from the earth and devour all their progeny. Due to occur around about now if most are to be believed.

Ghoul: A servant created by allowing a human to drink vampiric blood.

Haven: The place where a vampire sleeps during the daylight hours.

Jyhad, The: The secret war being waged between the elders (as far back as the third generation)

Lupine: A werewolf, sworn enemy of the Vampires

Masquerade, The: The effort to hide the existence of vampires from the mortals in order to prevent another inquisition.

Primogen: The leaders of a city, or the ruling council of elders.

Prince (m. or f.): The vampire who lays claim over an entire city.

Sabbat, The: An organisation of vampires controlling North Eastern America. They are the main enemies of the Camarilla

The Clans of the Camarilla

Brujah: (Brew'-har)

Once a group of intellectual warriors based about the Greek empire, the Brujah have degenerated into an ill-organised group of fanatics and anarchists. They are very anti-Tremere and Ventrue. The only clan they have good relations with is the Nosferatu.


Wanderers and shapeshifters the gangrel tend to stay apart from other vampires. They are the only clan who travel safely outside the confines of the city. They too are anti-Tremere and pro-Nosferatu.


Seers and madmen. The clan is famed for its nihilism and destructive behaviour (a reputation not wholly deserved). The Malkavians are often little more than annoying pranksters. They have no strong ties to any other clan.


The Nosferatu are the least human in appearance of all the clans. The process of their change leaves them horribly disfigured. They live deep below the city in storm drains and sewers. They also have the finest information network of all the clans. Pro-Gangrel and Brujah.


Proud and artistic, these vampires revel in beauty and creation. Pro-Ventrue and anti-Nosferatu.


The closest and most organised of all the clans, the Tremere are aggressive, intellectual and highly manipulative. They have magical abilities unknown to other kindred. Anti-Toreador (and secretly anti-Ventrue).


Old fashioned and tradition bound, the Ventrue are the leaders amongst the kindred. Often comprised of the upper crust of the human establishment. Pro-Tremere and anti-Brujah.

Compiled by J.Spashett