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Terror Bill  debate: 30th March (see diary)

The new terrorism bill, which is going through the Houses of parliament at the moment, poses a significant threat to the rights of individuals to engage in peaceful protest.

If you've ever supported the ANC or any similar foreign struggle, if you've ever gone on a demo where property may be damaged, if you've ever suggested action which may risk anyone's (including your own) "health or safety", if you've spoken at a meeting supporting such political dissent, possess a leaflet about, or are suspected by the police of any of the above...then you could be branded a "terrorist", have most of your rights removed, and be jailed for years...

Members of Green group will be attending a demo in London on 30th April: 2pm, Highbury Fields, Highbury, London N5.

A more detailed description of the bill and its implications can be found at:

For more information contact Elinor Ní Chatháin,