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President - Dave Threlfall
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Dave is a 'Non-Resident' and currently holds the position of President of the Ringing Society. The President is elected at the SGM and has a 3 year term in office.
Master - Julian Howes
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Julian is the current master of UBSCR. He is a second year physics student, with real passion for ringing.
General Secretary - Thomas Pelham
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Thomas Pelham took up the title of general secretary this year and has been tasked with organising the annual dinner and editing the society's newsletter.
Secretary - Linnet Tutcher
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Linnet is the secretary, helping the master organise the society.
Treasurer - Martin Sabev
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Martin, a third year economist, is in charge of the finances this year.
Steeple Keeper - Rebecca Meyer
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Rebecca becomes steeple keeper this year. She is charge of keeping St. Matthew's in good nick.
Social Sec - James Keen
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James is one of our two social secs organising the freshers bar crawl and many other socials.
Social Sec - Beth Kent
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Beth is the second social sec helping to organise events such as the Bath christmas market and the christmas dinner.
First Year Rep. - Julian Howes
ask Julian
The First year Rep is Julian, it's his job to purchase of Diaries at the end of the Autumn term and to bring articulate to the christmas dinner.
Fireman - Rebecca Meyer
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Rebecca is in charge of the handbells this year.
Webmaster - Jed Roughley
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Jed is the webmaster, having finaly getting acess to the site he's littered it with speeling mistakes. Let him no if you find anny.


Cupid is a single member of the society who is tasked with spreading love throughout the society, in the hope that he may too one day find love.
Frazer's turn as cupid ended, after pairing off half the comitee, he was himself fired. Martin has taken over as cupid and hopes that find his one true love, untill then he's satisfied playing the society matchmaker

Two Ess's and a T

The Shark, Spoon, and Twig are 'awarded' at each TGM (termly general meeting) based on the behavouir of society memeber throughout the previous term. The Titles are awarded for the following reasosns
This term the Titles are awarded as follows