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UBSCR's most valuable asset is its Members, there are currently around 20 resident members, and hundreds of non-resident members. There is a non-resident President in charge of the society, and a resident Master in charge of the ringing. In the same vein there is a non-resident General Secretary charged with organising all members and a resident Secretary who only has to keep the resident members organised.

Below are the current UBSCR committee. To contact anyone, hover over their pictures for an email address.

President - Dave Threlfall
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Dave is a 'Non-Resident' and currently holds the position of President of the Ringing Society. The President is elected at the SGM and has a 3 year term in office.
Master - Ellie Talbot
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Ellie is the current master and a fourth year medical student after learning to ring in her first year she's become a compentent ringer and valued member of the society
General Secretary - Thomas Pelham
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Thomas Pelham took up the title of general secretary this year and has been tasked with organising the annual dinner and editing the society's newsletter.
Secretary - Jed Roughley
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Jed is a final year student, and the current secretary. Taking minutes and being ELlie's right hand man in the society
Treasurer - Beth Kent
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It's hoped that the three years Beth has spent studying maths will help her balance the books.
Steeple Keeper - Rebecca Meyer
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Rebecca becomes steeple keeper this year. She is charge of keeping St. Matthew's in good nick.
Social Sec - Matty J
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Matt is the excitable, wild and wacky social secretary, planning events and getting everyone involved
Social Sec - Sebastian Small
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Seb is the anchor keeping Matt grounded, helping to oraginse and keep everything going.
First Year Rep. - Julian Howes
The First year Rep is Julian, it's his job to purchase of Diaries at the end of the Autumn term and to bring articulate to the christmas dinner.
Fireman - Rebecca Meyer
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Rebecca is in charge of the handbells this year.
Webmaster - Jed Roughley
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Jed is the webmaster, having finaly getting acess to the site he's littered it with speeling mistakes. Let him no if you find anny.

The Two Esses and the Tee.

(Not sure about the Apostrophe)
Shark, Spoon and Twig; these are the Two Esses and the Tee. These are 'awarded' at each TGM (Termly General Meeting) based on the behaviour of members in the previous term.

They are awarded thusly:
Spoon - For stirring
Shark - For pursuing members of the opposite sex (though not necessarily), tirelessly
Twig - For being slow (in the mind)

The current holders are:
Spoon - Matthew Ramcharan
Shark - Martin Sabev
Twig - Jed Roughley