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Let's face it, you have probably gathered that the main focus of UBSCR is ringing!

We ring weekly during term-time at St. Matthew's Kingsdown starting at 1930 and ending at 2100, then we go for a friendly drink at a near-by pub. Sunday ringing is 10:00-10:30, and is also followed by a visit to a cafe! We also sometimes ring on Saturdays at St. John on the wall

We cater for all abilities at practices - we ring anything from rounds to eight spliced surprise major, as well as giving handling lessons to those who are just beginning to ring. Beavis Ringing We frequently ring quarter-peals before practices or sunday ringing, as well as the occasional peal! These are to help members progress with their ringing, or just for general enjoyment! They can also be another excuse to go to the pub!

All UBSCR members are welcome to go to the 'city practices'. Some students frequently attend St. Stephen's on a Monday night and St. Mary Redcliffe on a Thursday night. Both practices cater for all abilities on 12 bells. See the maps page for more information about where you can ring in Bristol - if you're really keen it is possible to ring every day!


Throughout the year UBSCR go on various ringing outings, these include SUA and NUA, Cupid Tour, Joint Exeter Tour and Summer Tour.

UBSCR is lucky enough to be invited to both the Southern and the Northern University Association Weekends, these both take place in the first term each year and include a Ceilidh, a full weekend of ringing and 6- and 8-bell striking competitions (and lots of drinking!). This year SUA will be in Oxford on the weekend of the 7th-9th November. The following weekend see's NUA which is being held up in Warwick this year.

Traditionally the Cupid Tour is organised by the current master in their home county. The tour usually takes place in the second term around the begining of March.

The Joint Exeter Tour is organised with the Exeter Colleges Guild and happens sometime in the middle of the last term, it is generally in Devon or Somerset, somewhere between Exeter and Bristol. Last time this ended with a game of rounders, which Bristol won!...

The Summer Tour takes place during the summer vacation. It falls to any reseident member wishing to organize it and is typically organized towards the end of summer, releasing any pent up UBSCR cravings.


The Society rings numerous peals throughout the year from Plain Bob Minor to Spliced Max. To see the peals rung by the Soiety click here (NB Peals only go as far back as 1985). Most of these are rung by alumni members of UBSCR, but the residents usually ring a couple each year, often for the Annual Dinner in January and to mark the graduation of members in the summer.


Are you a member of UBSCR? Do you have a nice composition you want to share? Then let the webmaster know and he/she shall put it up on the website!

Great George

In Great Britain there are a number of big bells scattered across the country. The heaviest of these is Great Paul in St Paul's Cathedral, London weighing in at a whopping 16 tons!

In Bristol we are fortunate to have the sixth heaviest, Great George. Great George weighs 9 and a half tons and was cast in 1924 by the John Taylor & Co. Foundry. Great Geoge is housed in the Wills Memorial Building Tower and sits alone some 60m above the ground looking out down Park Street.

Great George © Matthew Tosh

Great George chimes the hour (so if you hear it, that may mean that you're late for your lecture!) and can be heard up to 12 miles away on a good, non-windy day. The Bell has a wheel and rope attached and can be rung either from the wheel or using the rope. Great George is generally only rung for special occasions. A video of Great George being rung for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee can be viewed here.