Professorial Teaching Fellows

As the Education Strategy at Bristol outlines we recognise, value, celebrate and reward excellence in teaching.

We aim to support and encourage staff to strive for excellence in their teaching and in their abilities to facilitate effective student learning.  Academic staff are encouraged to demonstrate excellence in learning and teaching, as well as in research, and to take advantage of opportunities for continuing professional development in their subject. Excellent teaching, leadership and management encourages individuals to take the opportunity to exercise their initiative in all areas of education, including: curriculum development; assessment methods appropriate to the learning outcomes being tested; and enthusing others to share ideas and good practice.

As part of this commitment, staff can become Professorial Teaching Fellows under pathway 3 of the University's career progression route. This award seeks to recognise staff who make an outstanding contribution to learning and teaching at the University through pedagogic research and innovative initiatives.

University of Bristol staff who have achieved this award

  • Peter Barham, Professorial Teaching Fellow in Physics, School of Physics
  • Tim Bond, Professorial Teaching Fellow in Counselling, Graduate School of Education
  • Dick Clements, Emeritus Professor, Department of Engineering Mathematics
  • John Davis, Professorial Teaching Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Karen Forbes, Honorary Professorial Teaching Fellow, School of Clinical Sciences
  • Judy Harris, Professorial Teaching Fellow in Medical Sciences Education, School of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Sally Heslop, Professorial Teaching Fellow, Department of Civil Engineering
  • David Mumford, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Dudley Shallcross, Professorial Teaching Fellow, School of Chemistry
  • Paul Wyatt, Professorial Teaching Fellow, School of Chemistry

Further information about how to apply and what is expected of staff at this level please see the role profile for the Professorial Teaching Fellowship promotion pathway from Human Resources or contact, Staff Development Manager (Academic), within HR.