Annual unit withdrawal

All units should be regularly reviewed to ensure that academic standards are maintained and the unit is developed within the context of the discipline and the programmes to which it contributes.  This review should take into account feedback from students and staff on the unit, and consider whether the unit content, intended learning outcomes, teaching and assessment are still appropriate and relevant to the discipline and the programme.

To ensure that the Unit Catalogue is up to date and does not become cluttered with units that are no longer in use or being updated, the Academic Quality and Policy Office (AQPO) will circulate a list of units that have:

The list will be circulated to all FEMs, SAMs and GAMs after the start of Teaching Block 1. 

The units on the list will be withdrawn and removed from the programmes in which they appear from the end of week 3.  If there are exceptional circumstances why a particular unit should remain on the catalogue, please contact AQPO via for advice.