20.         Appeals against decisions of the Boards of Examiners

20.1   All information concerning the University’s regulations for appeals against the decisions of Boards of examiners is contained in Annex 3, the University’s Examination Regulations.

20.2   It is essential to address a student’s representation against a decision of a board of examiners as early as possible, and initially within the respective school and faculty. Students must be made aware of section 11 of the Examination Regulations governing appeals, with particular attention drawn to the 15-working day deadline from the date of notification of the decision for submitting a formal appeal. Students should also be reminded that a degree cannot be conferred whilst an appeal is ongoing.

20.3   The student’s eligibility to graduate at a degree congregation will depend on the degree being confirmed by a specific date, normally two weeks prior to the start of the degree congregation (the precise deadline date is set by the examinations and degree congregation offices annually). Appeals that have not been resolved by this date will result in the student being offered the opportunity to graduate at the next available ceremony.

20.4   Information on the University’s student complaints procedure can be found at www.bristol.ac.uk/secretary/studentrulesregs/complaints.html.