7.  Supplementary Year

7.1      The Supplementary Year is an additional year of study within a programme that is provided for eligible students to enable them to meet the criteria for progression whereas otherwise they are not able to progress to the next year or component. The Year may be taken on an ‘assessment-only’ basis where the teaching has already been received, at the discretion of the relevant board of examiners.

7.2      A Faculty Board of Examiners may permit a student to undertake the Supplementary Year if a student does not have sufficient credit points to allow him or her to progress, because of:

  1. Academic failure: if a student fails a unit and the subsequent re-sit (of up to 20 credit points in an undergraduate modular programme and 30 credit points in a taught postgraduate modular programme), they may be permitted a final opportunity for re-assessment. A student is only permitted to take a supplementary year for this reason once during their programme of study.
  2. Extenuating circumstances: if a student’s ability to fulfil the criteria for the award of credit points has been affected by medical or other circumstances, they may be permitted to re-attempt the relevant units without penalty.

7.3      The Supplementary Year is available in modular undergraduate programmes, but not in non-modular professional programmes. It is also available in taught postgraduate programmes where there are extenuating circumstances, but only exceptionally because of academic failure.

7.4      In cases of (a): students who are placed on a supplementary year are required to undertake the units they have failed or a replacement unit from their programme structure and any additional units appropriate to the programme of study, as determined by the faculty. Marks for units that contribute to the final programme mark will be capped at the minimum pass mark. Where it is necessary for a student to undertake additional units, they will be required to engage with the teaching and learning of the unit/s. A student is not required to pass additional units for the purposes of progression, but may undertake the assessment and obtain the credit for the unit. Where this is the case the credit and mark will not count towards the student’s programme of study.

7.5      In cases of (b): students who are placed on a supplementary year due to extenuating circumstances will undertake the affected units as determined by the Faculty Board of Examiners. Marks will be awarded as normal (i.e. not capped if first attempt).

7.6      A student will normally only be able to take a supplementary year due to extenuating circumstances once during their programme of study. Exceptionally, where a student experiences significant extenuating circumstances on two separate occasions such that they are unable to complete one or more academic years during their programme and therefore exceed the maximum period of study, a request to extend the period of study for an individual student should be made by the student, via the School and Faculty, to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students).

7.7      It is the faculty’s discretion to determine whether the student is required to engage with the content of the whole unit or a particular component of the unit.

7.8      Students undertaking the supplementary year are expected to be in regular contact with the faculty / school / department, attend certain components of the unit and fulfil any specific attendance requirements as determined by the faculty.

7.9      An appropriate fee will normally be charged for the supplementary year (including repeat years), except in exceptional circumstances. It is likely that the extenuating circumstance will have been defined as ‘severe’ by the University in order for this to apply.

7.10   Sponsored tier 4 international students are subject to attendance monitoring requirements throughout the whole year on a monthly basis and will be expected to be in regular contact with the faculty / school / department, such that the University’s reporting responsibilities can be fulfilled.

7.11   In exceptional circumstances, the Faculty Board of Examiners may allow a student to be registered on the supplementary year and the unit/s they have failed but to engage with the content of the failed units and with their academic personal tutor from home.