Education Directors

The Faculty Education Directors are (Undergraduate followed by Graduate below):

The Faculty Education Director/s play a key role in the faculty senior teams, leading in the areas of graduate/undergraduate affairs.  They report directly to their Dean and often stand in for the Dean as required. 

The duties of the Faculty Education Director include:

  1. supporting and facilitating the implementation of the University's University Education Strategy at faculty level;
  2. supporting colleagues in the development of new initiatives, including faculty strategies;
  3. representing the Faculty externally in educational fora, to raise its profile;
  4. leading the development and sharing of good practice, within the faculty (working with Learning and Teaching and eLearning Advisers), and at a University level in collaboration with other Faculty Education Directors;
  5. taking the lead in developing an appropriate portfolio of Continuing Education/Continuing Professional Development/Lifelong Learning activities and regularly reporting on the faculty's progress in these areas;
  6. working with the Faculty Research Director to identify research themes in which the Faculty has an international profile that can inform programme development;
  7. supporting members of the Faculty in generating additional income from education for the faculty;
  8. assuring the efficiency and quality of teaching.

Please see the HR website for information on the process of appointing new Education Directors.

The current Faculty Education Director job description (PDF, 134kB), last updated February 2015.