Alumni Foundation Committee

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The Alumni Foundation Committee is a working group of the Student Experience Committee which itself reports to University Education Committee.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Committee is to:

The main purposes of the Committee are:

         i. the University’s key priorities for improving and enhancing the student experience;

         ii. the desire to make students aware of alumni and other donor support (helping to promote a lifelong relationship between the University and its students); and

         iii. funding objectives which are appropriate for support by donors’ philanthropic funds (past and present);

Terms of Reference

Advisory (via annual report to and feedback from the Student Experience Committee):

1. To make recommendations on principles by which Alumni Foundation funds will be distributed each year.

2. To advise the Student Experience Committee on feedback received from students, academics, Professional Services and alumni (particularly donors) on how Alumni Foundation funded projects are perceived.  Are University priorities aligned with projects which are considered important in the eyes of those constituents?

Decision making (on behalf of Student Experience Committee)

3. Within the framework of principles agreed by the Alumni Foundation and Student Experience Committee (and, if appropriate, through an application mechanism) to identify and select potential  projects and individuals worthy of support, and to agree fund levels for supporting those projects and individuals.

4. To support the promotion of a lifelong relationship between the University and its students, specifically through the mechanism of distributing Alumni Foundation funds.

5. On 04.04.14 Student Experience Committee stated that 'Alumni Foundation funds' should never be considered as a replacement funding for University core funding'.  This principle should be kept in mind by the Committee when considering applications. 


Members will normally serve on the committee for a term of 3 years renewable, to a maximum of 3 terms:



Membership 2016/17

Member Position Faculty 
 Professor Bob Evans  Chair  Science
Professor Dave Cliff Staff Engineering
Dr Ardavan Arzandeh Staff Social Sciences and Law
Dr Dimitrios Siassakos Staff Health Sciences
Dr James Hodge Staff Biomedical Science
Laurence Publicover Staff Arts
Dr Andy Radford Staff Science
Mark Ames Student Experience Committee representative (Director of Student Services)  
Mr Dick Willis Convocation representative  
Ms Linda Wilson Convocation representative  
Dr Martin Crossley Evans Co-opted member  
Jamie Cross Student representative (Union Affairs Officer, Bristol SU)  
John House Student representative (Sport and Student Development Officer, Bristol SU)  
Pru Lawrence-Archer Student residences representative (Head of Accommodation Services)  
In attendance:
Joanna Sockacka Staff (Volunteers Manager, Development and Alumni Relations)  
Tracey Beck Staff / Secretary to Committee (Deputy Director, Development and Alumni Relations)  
Mark Davey Alumni Foundation Administrator (Volunteers Officer, Development and Alumni Relations)   
Clare Prosser Bristol SU staff  


The Chair (or nominee) and: at least two members of the academic staff, one sabbatical officer and one alumni representative.

Mode of Operation and Meetings

The Alumni Foundation Committee normally meets three times each academic year (in November, February and May), to make financial awards (considering applications if that is the mechanism by which funds are to be distributed).  The Committee also normally meets once per year, around Easter, to review and recommend any changes to those principles by which the Alumni Foundation funds are distributed; to consider how best to encourage applications; and to review and consider past and projected income / expenditure.

Funding principles for the current year, application guidelines and forms, and meeting dates are available at the Development and Alumni Relations webpages.