Learning Spaces Advisory Group

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The Learning Spaces Advisory Group is a working group of University Education Committee. The group is responsible for the development of a Learning Spaces Roadmap supporting independent study.  


The main purpose of the Group is to:

Terms of Reference

  1. To assess learning space projects referred from Estates to evaluate their alignment to the Learning Spaces Roadmap and to provide expert stakeholder feedback (via the group’s Coordinator) to the PVC Education to help inform decision-making at the Capital Investment Programme Board (CIPB).

  2. To produce an annual report and communicate progress against the Roadmap to the SEC.

  3. To help ensure effective partnership working between stakeholders in schools, faculties and across the central professional services and to deliver a joined-up approach to the development and service delivery of learning spaces.

  4. To provide expert stakeholder feedback as requested to operational service leads taking forward initiatives aligned to the Roadmap (e.g. stakeholder advice on the development of metrics and a toolkit to help share best-practice for learning space projects).



Mode of Operation


A Roadmap for Learning Spaces for Independent Study 2017-2023 (PDF, 329kB)