Personal Development Planning (PDP) Advisory Group

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The PDP Advisory Group is a short term working group of the Student Experience Committee which itself reports to Education Committee.


The Group has been established to take forward the recommendations made Student Experience Committee in April 2014. It is a “task and finish” group which aims to:

  1. Articulate a Bristol Skills Framework which aligns with the educational values of Bristol (such as the development of graduates as independent learners and leaders). This will draw on and reflect existing provision across the institution in schools and centrally.
  2. Develop a process (and supporting resources) for schools to help implement and evaluate PDP within their existing academic provision, drawing on central resources as appropriate. This may involve some re-articulation of programme aims and objectives.
  3. Identify any gaps in skills provision.
  4. Define a method to enable students to self-assess themselves against the skills framework and some guidelines for when this assessment should take place.
  5. Advise the University on an appropriate method of evidencing and recording personal development. This will include the evaluation of a number of systems (including Higer Education Achievement Report (HEAR) implementations and various e-portfolio tools) and the recommendation of a suitable electronic tool.
  6. Make recommendations on mapping and coordinating existing provision across the institution. This will build on existing work from the Transitions Group.

The Group will work within the general principles, as agreed by Student Experience Committee (SEC), which are that PDP:

Terms of Reference

Advisory (to Student Experience Committee):

  1. In consultation with schools, and drawing on existing work (e.g. Transitions Group, Centre for English Language and Foundation Studies (CELFS), careers support, study skills support in the Library and Bristol SU), to articulate and develop a Bristol Skills Framework against which students (UG and PGT) may assess their skills development.
  2. To advise SEC (and SLSP) on a suitable specification for evidencing and recording of personal development and the choice of an appropriate electronic assessment tool.
  3. To develop a process (including timetable) for schools to facilitate and support PDP within their programmes and personal tutoring provision, and to develop guidance for the effective management and evaluation of these processes.
  4. To advise SEC on the mapping, coordination and integration of skills support and PDP across schools and central services (such as CELFS, the Library, Bristol SU, Student Support) and to identify any shortages or requirements in skills development.
  5. To advise SLSP on any requirements for the integration of feedback and other student record information in any electronic PDP tool.
  6. To report to SEC each Teaching Block.


Membership 2015/16


The Chair (or nominee) and at least five members.