Programme Review Group

The Programme Review Group is a working group of Education Committee and has two main functions.  The Group:

1. Reviews programmes as and when appropriate.

2. Advises on all matters relating to educational partnerships.

Terms of Reference

Based on this the Group’s Terms of Reference are:


The membership of Programme Review Group is as follows:

The Programme Review Process

Once a review has been initiated the Group will consider carefully the expertise of its members and the particular issues that require scrutiny before convening a review panel to undertake the review of its behalf.  Review panels will normally include the FQT Chair or another member of the FQT team from the relevant faculty and at least two members of the Group.  Where necessary, the Group may consider it desirable to invite other members of staff or external reviewers to participate in the review. 

The Academic Quality and Partnerships Office (AQPO) will contact the School to discuss the review process in more detail and to make organisational arrangements.  The review panel will receive all relevant documentation three weeks prior to the review and may request additional information or amend the review schedule as a result.

The review itself will normally be a day in length depending on that nature of the review.  Review panels will wish to meet with various members of staff (and, if necessary, with students) who are closely involved with the programme, including the Head of School to discuss the wider school context.  Programme and Unit Directors will meet with the panel separately. 

Following the review the panel will draft a report which will be sent to the school to correct any factual inaccuracies before reporting their findings and recommendations to the Group.  Please note that the report and any recommendations arising from the review will be finalised only when Education Committee has endorsed their contents. 

Documentary requirements

The Group has agreed threshold documentary requirements (Office document, 31kB) for both programme and educational partnership review in order to ensure consistency of approach.