Student Survey Strategy Group

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The Student Survey Strategy Group reports directly to Education Committee.

It may direct that the results from surveys be reported to any committee/group of the University.

The main purpose of the Group is:

Terms of Reference

Advisory (to Student Experience Committee):

  1. To monitor and review (on an annual basis) the principles regarding the University’s approach to participating in and responding to student surveys (Code of Practice for surveying UoB students).
  2. To recommend the external surveys in which the University should participate, beyond the NSS and DLHE.
  3. To consider the results of internal and external surveys and make recommendations on how they should be used and who they should be communicated to, including appropriate committees.
  4. To consider and consult on the potential for coordination and consolidation of unit and programme level surveys, and make recommendations accordingly.
  5. To monitor and review the process for requesting, assessing and approving mass internal surveys of our students,
  6. To advise on which internal student surveys should be conducted and when.
  7. To work with the Students’ Union to explore the scope for greater coordination of internal student survey activity, and make recommendations accordingly.
  8. To advise on the development of a partnership approach to surveying and action planning with the Students' Union.
  9. To explore the potential for greater collaboration between Professional Services and academic colleagues undertaking quantitative research into higher education, particularly those looking at aspects of student engagement and academic performance, and make recommendations accordingly.


The membership of the Group in 2016-17 is as follows:


The Chair, or nominee, and at least four members of the Group.

Mode of Operation

The Group may consider matters by email outside of the meeting schedule.

In 2016-17 the Group will meet on the following dates: