Timetabled Teaching Spaces Task and Finish Group

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The Timetabled Teaching Spaces Task and Finish Group is a short term, task and finish group of the Student Experience Committee which itself reports to Education Committee.


The main purpose of the Group is to:

This is seen as a parallel piece of work to that undertaken by the Learning Spaces Management Group which produced a Learning Spaces Roadmap, setting out a vision, principles and development priorities for learning spaces for independent study. A Learning Spaces Advisory Group was subsequently established to help embed the working principles set out in the Roadmap and to ensure that investment in learning spaces is well aligned to its vision.

It is envisaged that the Timetabled Spaces Group  will have similar outputs i.e. a Timetabled Spaces Roadmap and an advisory group to embed the working principles.

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop the vision, principles and key performance indicators that will shape Bristol’s roadmap for timetabled [teaching] spaces for the next 5-10 years

    • To ensure the timetabled spaces roadmap is informed by Bristol’s strategies for education, learning and teaching and Technology Enhanced Learning and Education Development, and underpinned by equality and diversity considerations  

    • To ensure the vision is evidence-based and informed by pedagogical practice

  2. To ensure academics and students are at the heart of planning for timetabled space developments

  3. To foster collaboration and partnership across all our stakeholders in Faculties and central Professional Services

  4. To help make the case for investment to deliver the teaching space roadmap

  5. To be focused on timetabled spaces, but to foster a joined up approach across the management of teaching and study spaces within the wider learning spaces remit.


Membership 2015/16