University Academic Quality and Standards Committee

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The University Academic Quality and Standards Committee (AQSC) is a sub-committee of the University Education Committee. 


The main purposes of the Committee are to:

  1. Oversee the framework for the quality and standards of learning, teaching and assessment at the University.
  2. Be responsible for the development and maintenance of regulations, policies and codes of practice as they relate to the quality framework, including maintaining oversight of the requirements of external quality assurance bodies, such as the Quality Assurance Agency, Reaearch Councils UK, General Medical Council and other Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).
  3. Monitor the implementation of identified regulations, policies and codes of practice, and the operation of any supporting practices.
  4. To promote good practice and encourage innovation in learning, teaching and assessment.

Terms of reference

Advisory (to Education Committee):

1. To advise on the framework assuring educational provision at the University, taking account of both the internal and external context.

2. To recommend new and revised regulations, codes of practice, and policies and guidance for the maintenance and enhancement of the quality and standards of the University’s academic provision.

3. To report any arising issues and areas of good practice with regards to academic standards and, more widely, learning, teaching and assessment.

4. To respond to internal and external imperatives as they arise and as they relate to the quality and standards of educational provision.

Decision making (on behalf of the Education Committee):

5. To ensure alignment of the University’s policies and procedures with UK-wide frameworks as they relate to learning, teaching and assessment.

6. To monitor and oversee the implementation of the relevant internal processes, regulations, codes of practice, policies and guidance, including oversight of action planning associated with student surveys.

7. To monitor the quality and standards of taught programmes to ensure that the University's quality framework has been implemented appropriately.

8. To identify any issues with regard to academic quality and standards, arising from the University’s periodic review of programmes, including School Review, Periodic Programme Review and accreditation visits from PSRBs.

9. To review proposals for establishing new or revised educational partnerships or major new programme initiatives. 

10. To set the direction of the work of its sub groups, including managing the work of the Faculty Quality Teams and agreeing their annual themes.

11. To consider any other matters referred to it by Education Committee.


Regular reports to Education Committee and communications with faculties and professional services via its members. 


The membership of the Committee for 2016-17 is as follows:

 In attendance:


The Chair (or nominee) and at least five other staff members of the Committee to include three FQT Chairs.

If an FQT Chair is unable to attend a meeting of the Committee, another representative from the faculty will normally attend on her or his behalf. This would usually be a deputy (if in place), a Faculty Education Director, a staff FQT member, or the Faculty Education Manager.

Established subgroups

 Mode of Operation

1. The Committee will normally meet six times a year.

2. The Committee will normally report monthly to Education Committee

3. The Committee’s annual schedule of business will be identified at the start of each academic year.  Additional items of work are subject to annual negotiation with the Chair of the Education Committee.


Meeting dates

University Academic Quality and Standards Committee reports to Education Committee so the meetings are scheduled to enable this. The scheduled dates for 2017/18 are as follows:

University Academic Quality and Standards Committee reporting schedule 2017/18
Paper deadline for University Academic Quality and Standards CommitteeUniversity Academic Quality and Standards Committee meeting dateEducation Committee meeting date
 Monday 2 October Wednesday 11 October  Wednesday 1 November
 Monday 6 November Wednesday 15 November  Wednesday 29 November
 Friday 13 January Tuesday 23 January  Wednesday 7 March
 Friday 23 February Tuesday 6 March  Wednesday 11 April
 Monday 9 April Wednesday 18 April  Wednesday 16 May
 Monday 14 May Wednesday 23 May  Wednesday 27 June

Agenda and Minutes 

The agenda and minutes of University Academic Quality and Standards Committee meetings are available for download (UoB only).