Bristol Doctoral College

About the team

The Bristol Doctoral College (BDC) provides a focal point for doctoral training activity and researcher development across the University and in collaboration with our partner institutions.

What we do

  • Support growth in both number and quality of postgraduate research (PGR) students across all disciplines; organising and developing University PGR recruitment events and marketing materials.
  • Serve as first point of contact for all external PGR stakeholders. Developing new strategic relationships with external partners, funding bodies and potential employers to enhance the University's PGR partnerships portfolio.
  • Provide a hub of postgraduate research information and guidance for:
    • All current postgraduate research students;
    • Prospective postgraduate research students;
    • Staff in academic schools and faculties, professional service divisions, and funded Doctoral Training Entities;
    • Partner institutions, organisations, funding bodies and potential employers within the PGR arena.
    Our online PGR Information Hub provides a quick reference directory of useful information at all stages of the postgraduate research journey.
  • Under the direction of the University's Postgraduate Researcher Development Committee, we are responsible for the development of the central Personal and Professional Development Programme for PGR students. This includes coordination and management of a programme of workshops, seminars and resources available to all PGRs across all disciplines.
  • Provide consultation on all postgraduate research matters and drive the development of the University’s PGR processes and relevant data management systems.
  • Support the postgraduate research community by: 
    • Providing a communications framework to highlight postgraduate activities and opportunities across the University;
    • Organising a range of University-wide events to promote Bristol postgraduate research.

General enquiries


Postal address

Bristol Doctoral College
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue
Bristol BS8 1TH

Team members

Dr Loriel Anderson

Postgraduate Researcher Development and e-Portfolio Support Officer

Provides support for the University's Skills Training and Review (STaR) system, and for the University's Personal and Professional Development programme, ensuring that both STaR and the PPD programme meet the needs of our postgraduate research community. Supports and maintain BDC communications channels. +44 (0)117 9545915
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Mrs Emily Hicks (maternity leave) Partnerships and Data Officer Provides administrative and analytical support to the BDC Manager, support the development of the University’s PGR partnership portfolio, produce data reports using the University's student database and help to ensure that data is reliable and accurate. +44 (0)117 9288105
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Dr Oksana Kasyutich BDC Manager With the BDC team, works closely with senior managers, academics and PGR communities across University to create effective channels of communications; to set up and foster fruitful collaborations and partnerships; to unleash creativity and talents of multi disciplinary PG Researchers, learning together and across disciplines and organisational boundaries, and recognising the needs and demands of the modern world for skilled, creative and proactive leaders. +44 (0)117 3317733
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Dr Terry McMaster BDC Director

Provides the academic lead for the BDC, representing postgraduate research and development at all levels. Acts a champion for the postgraduate student experience ensuring all postgraduate researchers at Bristol receive high quality and inclusive support to help them maximise potential.

 +44 (0)117 3940017 
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Ms Charlotte Spires BDC Administrator  Provides a broad sense of support to all areas of the team, and am in charge of handling general queries, publishing our fortnightly Bulletin, managing our social media channels and supporting the Personal and Professional Development programme.

 +44 (0)117 9288105
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