Examinations, Timetabling and Graduation Office

About the Examinations Service

The Examinations Service manage the exam process for the University at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels;
  • compiling and publishing exam timetables,
  • recruiting and training invigilators,
  • the production and management of exam papers, and
  • the running of exam halls and the distribution of completed exam scripts
We are also responsible for producing all certificates for successful students as well as providing verification of awards made to former students.
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About the Timetabling Service

The Timetabling service is responsible for creating and maintaining all taught programme timetables, across all faculties, for both academic staff and students; and responding to requests for timetable changes.

Web Room Booking (WRB) is an online room requesting tool (linked to the University's, Syllabus Plus, timetabling system) allowing you to submit a room booking request to use the university's centrally bookable teaching rooms for non-teaching activities.

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About the Graduation Service

The Graduation service are responsible for the student administration elements of Graduation, including:
  • compiling and publishing ceremony timetables
  • managing student invitations and tickets
  • the production of seating plans and the student section of the Graduation Programme
  • assisting students with queries about graduation
  • assisting students and guests with special arrangements for medical conditions
  • producing visa support letters
  • investigation of outstanding tuition fees and appeal queries
We also organise the ceremonies in conjunction with the Events Team.
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