International Student Visa Advice and Compliance

About the team

The Internationl Student Visa Advice and Compliance team (ISVAC) work together with students and staff to ensure that students are compliant with their Tier 4 student visa conditions as set out by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). The team also ensures that the University is compliant with UKVI regulations, ensuring maintenance of our Tier 4 Sponsor Licence and our ability to recruit international students.

The International Student Advisers are the only trained immigration advisers in the University and legally the only ones permitted to advise students on Tier 4 student visas. Advisers advise on and asses students' eligibility to apply for permission to come to the UK and for extensions to their student visas; advise on the impact of transfers, suspensions, and withdrawals on student visas; administer and develop the Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme (GES) and the Doctoral Extension Scheme (DES); and advise on other post-study work options and anything else affecting a student's immigration status in the UK.

The Visa Compliance Officer and Assistant ensure the University meets UKVI regulations, such as record-keeping and reporting obligations with regard to our Tier 4 students who hold visas. The Compliance team also produces policy and guidelines for the larger University to follow to ensure adherence to our UKVI obligations, as well as offering advice and guidance to our colleagues.

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