Returner accommodation

We have a limited number of rooms available for students who feel that they would need to remain in University-allocated accommodation beyond their first year of study.

Availability of returner accommodation is extremely limited. Please note the following important information about how it is allocated:

- International students currently undertaking a foundation programme are guaranteed an offer of returner accommodation;
- Students with a health need or disability will be given priority;
- Only certain residences are used for returner accommodation, so it will not usually be possible to continue living in the same residence as the previous year.

How to apply

There will be a single round of applications for returner accommodation this year. Applications are now open and will close on 27 February 2020. Applications are not considered on a first-come, first-served basis, so all applications received before the closing date will be considered together.

To apply, please log in to your Accommodation Portal using your Student Single Sign On and select Accommodation Application from the main menu. If you are applying for returner accommodation on the basis of having a health or wellbeing need, please ensure you complete the relevant section of the form as fully as possible as this will be the basis on which we determine who we can make an offer to.   

Please note that at this stage rents for 2020/21 have not yet been determined.

Offers for returner accommodation will be made on 19 March 2020. 

Where else can I look for accommodation?

Because returner spaces are limited, we strongly recommend that you look for accommodation in the private sector. Here are a few things we suggest:


International students currently undertaking a foundation program are guaranteed an offer of returner accommodation.

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