Accommodation fees - what you pay

Rent in advance

You will need to pay rent in advance of £500 in order to accept your accommodation offer. To make payment you will need a debit or credit card with a three digit security code on the reverse. The amount you pay to reserve your room, and who you pay it to, depends on which residence you have been offered. Full details, including how to make your payment will be provided in your offer email.   

Insurance costs

All University allocated accommodation comes with compulsory basic contents insurance. The policy you are covered by and the cost of the insurance varies according to which residence you are in. It is vital that you check your policy and ensure that the cover is suitable for your needs. Bicycles are not usually covered as standard and you should top-up your insurance to cover your bicycle, for example. 

Accommodation fees

The accommodation fee you pay depends on the type of room you have. Studios are most expensive, and en suites have three rent levels, based on the age of the property and the number of people sharing a kitchen.  The fee covers sole use of your room, all facilities provided by your residence, all gas, electricity and water rates, plus internet. You also pay an additional compulsory £35 Social Fund fee, towards the postgraduate social committee run by students that organises social and sporting events. 

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