How to pay your accommodation fees

How you pay your fees will depend on the individual residence. Instructions for each residence are shown below. If you are unsure about who to pay, please check your accommodation contract.

Deans or Woodland Court

You will be given a rent payment card on arrival at the residence, along with instructions of how to make your payments. You can choose to pay in full or in three instalments, in September, January and May (exact date and amount depends on your residence and room type). Visit the A2Dominion website for details of how you can pay.     

Chantry Court

You will be asked to give payment information to Unite when you accept your accommodation offer. You can choose to pay in full or in three instalments, on 24 October, 24 January and 24 April.  

Langford, New Bridewell, Orchard Heights, Print Hall and The Courtrooms

You should make your payment to the University's Income Office by one of the following methods:

Direct Debit

We prefer students to pay using Direct Debit through the MyBristol portal. It enables you to easily track your payments and manage your money. To make an individual online payment or set up a payment plan for 3 instalments, you will need to have completed registration and received your MyBristol login details.

Pay in 3 instalments

  • Go to the Fees and Funding option in your MyBristol portal.
  • To pay in instalments choose the option ‘Set up accommodation standard payment plan’.
  • Payment will be taken automatically on the following dates: 24 October, 24 January, 24 April.

You don't need to do anything more, unless the Income Office contact you. If you have a query about your accommodation fees or your online payments, contact the Income Office.

Paying in full

If you do not choose to set up the accommodation standard payment plan, it will assume you want to pay in one instalment for the full amount. You can pay the full amount for the academic year in one payment, which can be made immediately, but the latest date for payment in full is the 24th October. The Income Office will contact you regarding any unpaid amounts.

Cheque or banker's draft

Cheque and banker’s draft payments can be made at the Income Office in Senate House. Cheques and banker's drafts should be made payable to ‘University of Bristol’.

Bank transfer

International students

Please pay through our Pay to Study account. Pay to Study is an international payment solution which offers competitive exchange rates. Where Pay to Study has a local bank account, all wire fee charges will be eliminated, and you will be able to pay in your local currency to a local bank account. The benefits of paying through Pay to Study include:

  • International sender or receiver fees reduced or eliminated.
  • Preferential exchange rates.
  • Pay in your local currency to a local bank account (where Pay to Study has a local bank account).
  • 24-hour online tracking of all payments.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Receipt of all payments issued to the sender and the University.

UK students

You must quote your student number when making a bank transfer, otherwise we may have problems matching your payment to your invoice.

To pay by bank transfer you will need the following details:

Account name: University of Bristol Fees Account
Sort code: 20-13-42
Account number:90923583

IBAN: GB14 BARC 2013 4290 9235 83

Bank name: Barclays Bank
Bank address: 53-55 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3EA

Payment instalment options

You can plan your accommodation fee payments by paying in instalments at some residences. 

Accommodation fee payment options
ResidencePayeeStudent typePayment options
The Courtrooms University of Bristol Any Full payment 3 instalments
Chantry Court UNITE* Any Full payment 3 instalments
Deans Court A2Dominion Any Full payment 3 instalments
Langford House University of Bristol Any Full payment 3 instalments
Orchard Heights University of Bristol Any Full payment 3 instalments
Woodland Court A2Dominion Any Full payment 3 instalments

*Unite charges a 2% fee for credit card payments.

Debt procedure

The process the University will follow if you fall behind with your rent payments. 

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