Non-guaranteed postgraduate applicants

You may still be able to apply for accommodation, even if you don't meet the criteria of the accommodation guarantee. From August, we will email all non-guaranteed applicants with:

  • updates on the availability of University accommodation,
  • information about alternative accommodation options.

Availability of accommodation will depend on the type of student you are. The following information shows the different options that could apply to you.

University-allocated accommodation for single students

Applications from non-guaranteed students are considered from mid-late August. If there are rooms available, offers are only made to students who have met the conditions of their offer of study.

Priority is given to students who typically find it difficult to rent accommodation in the private sector. This may be because of health needs or because they come from outside the UK or EU.

Please note the following important information about your offer:

  • You will have up to seven days to accept your offer before it is cancelled.
  • You will need a credit or debit card to pay your reservation fee or deposit 
  • Accommodation contracts have fixed dates and are up to 51 weeks in length. If you move out before the end date you are still responsible for paying the rent until another tenant takes the room.
  • If you need a visa, it is essential that you apply for one as soon as you can. You can get visa advice and information from the International Office website or by email to

University-allocated accommodation for couples and families

The University has a limited number of flats catering for couples and families. Priority is given to new international students and students with health needs.

Our offers are made in August. However, we advise you to look for suitable private rented accommodation as we do not have enough flats for all applicants.

Current and continuing students

Current postgraduates are not guaranteed an offer of accommodation.

However, you can make an application if you have a special requirement that means you need to live in University allocated accommodation. Check our current students pages for updates on returner accommodation applications.

Applicants joining after the start of the academic year

Please email to tell us your arrival date. We can advise you about your accommodation options.

What you can do

Some non-guaranteed students would, understandably, rather arrange their accommodation with a private provider than wait to see if the University is able to offer them a room. If this is the case, we recommend that you consider renting with one of the commercial accommodation providers in Bristol. You will be living with other students, and many of these companies have socials and mixers of their own, so you get a similar experience to living in University-allocated accommodation. More details of the options can be found on our finding accommodation factsheet (PDF).  

Looking for accommodation

Student accommodation is available in the private rental sector. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live and what to look out for when renting.

Change of plans

Contact us immediately with any changes in your plans. Always include your name and student number in the email.

For example, we need to know if:

  • You decide to look for private accommodation instead.
  • Your partner or family will (or will not) join you in Bristol
  • You decide not to attend the University of Bristol
  • Your start date at University changes.
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