Temporary shared rooms

Trying to match the number of students arriving at Bristol with the number of rooms is very difficult, there are a large number of variables and if only one of these deviates from our target we end up with more students than planned. At the same time we know that some students will change their minds about Bristol at the last minute or soon after they arrive so that after a couple of weeks we will have empty rooms.

So in order to make sure as many students as possible are offered University allocated accommodation we set up temporary shared rooms. When you receive your accommodation offer if it is for a temporary share room, please do keep an open mind. These temporary shares are very short-term, can be a great way to meet new people at University and, because you pay a reduced fee while sharing, it's a cost-saving option too.

What will be in the room?

There will be two separate single beds. We will try to put 2 of everything into the room but this may not always be possible. Photos on this page show an example of one of our temporary shared rooms, to give you an idea of what to expect. You will need to sort out sharing the space with your room mate. If you have any problems with this, your senior resident will be on hand to help.

What should I bring?

Try to travel light. As space will be limited for the first few weeks you can get any extra stuff you need or maybe ask someone to bring the rest of your stuff to Bristol when you move into your permanent room. Unfortunately we do not have space to store your belongings.

What are temporary shared rooms like?

Temporary shared rooms have been selected as rooms that are not big enough to be a permanent shared room, but that have more space than a standard single room and so can accommodate two students on a short-term basis. Photos on this page show an example of one of our temporary shared rooms, to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Where are the temporary shared rooms? 

Temporary shared rooms could be in any of our residences. As an example, the following residences will definitely have some temporary shares:

  • The Hawthorns 
  • Wills Hall (catered)
  • Churchill Hall – The Holmes (catered)
  • Manor Hall
  • Richmond Terrace
  • Campus Houses

When will I be able to move into my own room?

Students in temporary shared rooms who want to move to a single room are usually relocated by the end of the first term. 

One sharer will be moved to a new room. The remaining sharer can stay in the room and choose to either pay the full room rate to keep the room to themselves or continue to pay the shared rate and we will move another student in with you.  

Where will you move me?

Rooms will become available in nearly all of our residences as our new intake of students find their feet at University. After the first two weeks you will receive a list of vacancies. You will be able to apply for a first and second preference. You do not have to take a room that you are offered if you change your mind about where you want to live, but if you turn down 2 offers you will go to the bottom of the waiting list.

Priority for a move will be given to students with a disability or health need.

What rent reduction do I receive in a temporary share?

There will be a reduction in the rent, amount payable for our temporary shares is shown below. The reduction in rent will be for the period that you have lived in the share, and after that your rent will be charged at the full cost of the room you are moved into or stay in. View our accommodation fees for the prices. 

ResidenceTemporary share rent
per week (per person) for 2019/20
Churchill Hall (catered) £136.71
Wills Hall (catered) £130.31
The Hawthorns £93.27
Manor Hall £78.36
Richmond Terrace £90.51
Hillside/Woodside £66.92
Campus Houses £58.24

What if I don’t get on with my sharer?

You can speak to staff at your residence Student Support Centre or the Accommodation Office. We will provide help and support, and if necessary can increase your priority on the waiting list is a share really isn’t working out.

Do I have to move from my shared room?

Once a single room is available you will probably want to move. However if you and your room mate want to continue sharing you will be able to become permanent sharers.

If you decide to remain sharing the same level of rent reduction will not continue, exact prices for continuing to share will be confirmed if you request to remain sharing.

A temporary share in The Hawthorns
A temporary share at Wills Hall
A temporary share in Richmond Terrace
A temporary share in The Hawthorns
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