Catered accommodation

Five of our undergraduate residences are catered, together offering over 1700 catered places in our accommodation, and students in some self-catered residences are able to purchase a meal card to take advantage of residential catering.

Living in a catered hall can make budgeting easier since your meals are included in the accommodation fee, and meal times are an opportunity for meeting friends and building the hall community. Many catered residences hold regular formal meals giving a chance to dress-up and enjoy a special occasion. 

Catered residences provide a breakfast (7.30am - 9am) and evening meal (6pm - 7.30pm) during the week, and breakfast and lunch (9:30am - 1:30pm) at weekends during term time. Basic facilities including a toaster, kettle and microwave or hob are provided in student pantries for the preparation of snacks or light meals at other times. A streamlined catering service is provided during the Christmas and Easter vacations, served from either Clifton Hill House or Churchill Hall. Although serving times are fixed it is possible to order a late meal or packed meal in advance. 

The catered residences offer varied menus and cater for a range of diets, a vegetarian option is offered with every meal. If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements, such as halal meals, talk to the residence's catering team and they will find suitable options for you.

The catering team take great pride in the standard of their food and menus. Fair trade or local produce is sourced where possible.

Although serving times are fixed, it is possible to order a late meal or packed meal or breakfast in advance. Late meals can be collected half an hour after service. You can collect it from your own hall or from the Hawthorns Refectory on the main University campus.

If you do miss a service, all catered residences provide you with the facilities to cook light meals.

Meal cards for self-catered residences

Students living in Goldney Hall, Manor Hall, Richmond Terrace, Queens Road, University Hall, Durdham Hall and Hiatt Baker's self-catered hall can purchase a meal card to take advantage of residential catering, not having to shop, cook or wash up instead and join students in a catered residence (Clifton Hill House, Churchill Hall or Hiatt Baker Hall) for meals.

Students interested in taking up the meal card offer have three options to choose from:


  • Option 1 £672 Single Term (12 weeks) or £56 p/w 14 Meals per week *
  • Option 2 £1,600 Term Time (32 weeks) or £50 p/w 14 Meals per week *
  • Option 3 £1,974 Full Tenancy (42 weeks) or £47 p/w 14 Meals per week *

*In each case 14 meals per week are 7 breakfasts and 7 main meals

Meal card will be available to purchase from 5 th September (once your residence has been confirmed). To purchase a meal card online go to the University’s on line shop. If you have any questions about the meal plan, email

Meal Card Terms and Conditions

  • There is no monetary value to the credits on your card.
  • Credits are only valid within the meal service times at your designated dining hall (non-transferable)
  • During each service the credit will be loaded to your card and expire at the end of the meal service.
  • No un-used credit will be carried over to following weeks.
  • No refunds can be offered for meals not taken.
  • If you lose your card a replacement can be purchased for £5.00 at the dining hall till point.
  • Your card contains a microchip and should not be damaged or defaced in any way.
  • Any misuse of your card rendering it unusable will result in a charge for a replacement card.

Catered halls

Five of our residences are catered. The cost of catering included in the rent for these residences works out at around £50 per week.  

Examples of our menus

Cafes and bars on campus

On campus you'll find a number of Source Cafés, open Monday to Friday. Our cafes provide places to meet friends or take a break from your studies.

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