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Covid-19: update on our preference and allocation policy

For your safety and wellbeing, we may need to change how we allocate students to our residences for the 20/21 academic year. Our application still allows you to select your accommodation preferences of residence and room type, however we are asking all applicants to note that these preferences are not guaranteed.

Depending on the UKs Coronavirus risk level, some residences and room types may not be available for the 20/21 academic year, and we therefore reserve the right to allocate students outside of our standard allocation policy if required for safety reasons.

When you apply for accommodation you'll be able to select nine preferences within your application form to indicate your preferred residence, room type and budget. It is important to note that we do not guarantee that your accommodation offer will be for any of the preferences you list in your application. This means you may receive an offer for a room that was not one of your preferences. 

Our residence locations

Our residences are grouped into three villages. Each village has a Student Support Centre, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering services and support to students in our residences. 

Health and disability

If you have any health issue or disability that influences where you can live, you should also read our health and disability pages about what we can do for you.   

Non-guaranteed applicants

Information on accommodation for non-guaranteed applicants joining us as an insurance choice, an adjustment, through clearing or if you missed the guarantee deadline of June 30th.

Room descriptions



Example features of room

Basic Might be small, have an awkward shape, sloping ceilings, or older deco
Standard A single room in a flat sharing a bathroom (shower/toilet/basin) and kitchen with other students.  These rooms will be standard-sized with a typical layout
Standard with washbasin A standard-sized single room with a sink, in a flat sharing a bathroom (shower/toilet/basin) and kitchen with other students
En suite  A single room with your own bathroom (shower/toilet/basin), in a flat sharing a kitchen with other students
Plus Slightly bigger or in noticeably better condition than a non plus option
Premium Might be particularly spacious or newly renovated/refurbished
Studio Includes your own kitchenette and bathroom


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