International students

The University of Bristol is committed to helping international students enjoy their time here as fully as possible. We provide opportunities for you to participate in all aspects of student life and a chance to explore many different cultures. For that reason we offer international students places throughout our residences and with other UK and EU students.

To help you choose your accommodation we provide information on the residences, their locations, facilities and the lifestyle they offer on our residences pages. Please read this carefully before you start an online application. If you have any questions please contact us.

When to apply for accommodation

You can find the link to our online application form, and other relevant information, on our application page. You can only apply for accommodation after you firmly accept an unconditional offer (UF) or a conditional offer (CF) to study here.

If Bristol is your insurance choice university you will not be able to apply for accommodation yet. Once Bristol is your firm choice university, you can then apply for accommodation.

If you apply by the 30 June 2019, you are guaranteed an offer of accommodation. You can still apply after this date, but we cannot guarantee you an offer of accommodation.

When you'll receive an accommodation offer

If you apply via our early offers scheme, we will make you an offer of accommodation within two-weeks of your application.

For all other applications, We start allocating residences after A-level results are confirmed in mid-August. Depending on when you applied for accommodation, you'll receive your offer in an email around the following dates:

  • If you apply by 30 June your offer will be available online on 21 August 2019.
  • If you apply by 31 August your offer (if we are able to make you one) will be available on 4 September 2019.

You need to accept your accommodation offer, details will be in your offer email. Therefore it is very important you give us your own personal email address on your application form. If you use an agent's email address, you may not receive your offer in time. If you miss the acceptance deadline, your place may be allocated to another student.

Arriving at my residence

We send you details about your arrival after you have accepted your accommodation offer. The arrival and moving-in weekend for all of our residences is usually the third weekend in September.

Please try to arrive on these days as you may find it difficult to find any temporary accommodation in Bristol at this time. Unfortunately our residences are closed up until 20 September and we are not able to offer early arrivals.

The International Office run a welcome service, they offer support and advice for international students near the start of the academic year.

Early bird offers

If you're an International student who has accepted an unconditional offer to study at Bristol, you can apply to our Stoke Bishop residences for an early offer of accommodation

Applications open in:

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