About accommodation fees

We understand that your accommodation is an important investment for you and we aim to deliver a high-quality, safe experience for you. Rents are banded, wherever possible, to allow students to make informed decisions and to ensure a range of budgets can be met. 

Update on residences’ rents for 2018/19

In line with inflation (RPI), rents for University residences will be rising by four per cent on average for 2018/19.

All income generated from students’ rent is spent on operating, maintaining and improving the residences. We aim to deliver a high-quality experience for students in University accommodation, both in terms of the physical environment as well as the range of services that support the students who live there.

Rental income funds all aspects of the operation of halls including catering, 24/7 pastoral and wellbeing support in residences, sports activities in halls, and the bus services as well as maintenance and refurbishment and the rising cost of utilities, which have increased by seven per cent in the last 12 months.

We appreciate that financial management can be difficult for all students, and that accommodation is one of the most significant costs that must be met. To help with this, we are increasing the number of accommodation bursaries on offer, with £200,000 available for the 2018/19 year (from £120,000 in 2017/18) in addition to the range of financial packages available to support students from low-income households. There are also 400 rooms which are capped at a lower level ‘value’ rent. We ask students about the size of their budget when they apply for accommodation and last year 95 per cent of people were offered places within these budget limits.

Importantly, in response to feedback from staff and students, we are continuing to invest in extensive, 24/7 pastoral and wellbeing support in our residences.

The price of our accommodation is similar to that charged by universities in the other cities in the south of England and we benchmark it against commercial accommodation providers in Bristol to ensure it remains competitive.

Where is the money spent?

We are working hard to find ways of reducing our costs to keep rents as low as possible. We don’t make a profit from accommodation fees, we just cover the cost for the following facilities and services:

  • routine and emergency maintenance (the latter is a 24/7 service) as well as ongoing major and minor refurbishments
  • utilities including all charges for gas, electricity, water and internet;
  • cleaning of communal areas, including kitchens and bathrooms;
  • the staff who contribute to the smooth running of the residences; including porters, handypersons, administrative and catering staff;
  • an extensive student support team
  • 24-hour security;
  • a B:Active Residences sports pass;
  • meal provided in catered residences over the holiday periods at no additional cost throughout their tenancy agreement;
  • catering: in addition to catered residences, a formal meal and 'nosh nights' are offered to students in self-catered residences;
  • a bus pass for all undergraduate residents on the U1 Bristol Unibus between the city centre, the central campus and Stoke Bishop.
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