Non-guaranteed undergraduate applicants

Students who are joining the University through clearing or as insurance students or have missed the guarantee deadline for any other reason are advised to apply as soon as they have firmly accepted their place here. We cannot guarantee you accommodation but will will do everything we can to make you an offer. In 2017, of the 290 non-guaranteed applicants who applied for accommodation, 190 students were offered a place in University-allocated accommodation.

Priority for places will be given to students with disabilities or health needs. After that students will be prioritised by home address, those that live furthest from Bristol will be given priority. We may offer you a temporary room or a room shared with another student for a short time.

How we help

We contact all non-guaranteed applicants after A-level results, to keep them informed of remaining availability of University-allocated accommodation, and to offer advice and support for finding alternative accommodation. We will stay in touch throughout your house-hunting process, and offer support and resources for finding accommodation, including:

  • Information on finding accommodation in the private sector,
  • If required, we'll organise a specialised house-search event for freshers in early September. Full details will be available from this page when we know if the event is going ahead. We only run the event if and when we know that we won't be able to make an offer to all non-guaranteed applicants. 

What you can do

Some non-guaranteed students would, understandably, rather arrange their accommodation with a private provider than wait to see if the University is able to offer them a room. If this is the case, we recommend that you consider renting with one of the commercial accommodation providers in Bristol. You will be living with other students, and many of these companies have socials and mixers of their own, so you get a similar experience to living in University-allocated accommodation. Details of providers can be found on our finding accommodation factsheet (PDF).  

Vacancies in University accommodation will open up after the first few weeks of term so another option is to arrange your own temporary accommodation in Bristol perhaps with family or friends. You can then join the waiting list for a vacancy from the second week of term.

Looking for accommodation

Student accommodation is available in the private rental sector. We provide advice on finding somewhere to live and what to look out for when renting.

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