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Uploaded Feb 2022

Biological samples including blood, urine, hair, nails, saliva and placenta have been collected from study children and their parents since early pregnancy. Samples are divided and stored as multiple small aliquots to ensure the maximum possible use. Details of samples collected are summarised in the documents below.

Samples are available for use in research projects as outlined in the ALSPAC access policy (PDF, 891kB). We try to make the process of obtaining samples as smooth as possible - please download a summary of the process for obtaining approval to access samples (PDF, 47kB) to find out more.‌ Samples are managed by the Bristol Bioresource Laboratories (BBL). The Quality Management System of BBL is certified to the International Standard ISO 9001. 

If you would like to use any samples in a project, please contact the laboratory at to discuss the suitability of the samples before you submit your proposal.

All data generated from ALSPAC samples are returned to the study and become part of the resource available to researchers.

Sample information

Genomics data

Lymphoblastoid cell lines

Some study participants and their parents have given samples for the production of lymphoblastoid cell lines. Details of current numbers available are in the table below.

CohortApprox no. of cases (Feb 2019)
Child/Young Person 7100
Mother 6000
Partner 2400


A DNA bank has been extracted from blood, cell line and mouthwash samples. Standard genotyping plates containing all available cases and some quality control samples are available which contain 250ng of DNA at 10ng/ul.

Bespoke sets of DNA can be provided for high throughput studies.

The numbers of cases with currently available DNA are provided in the table below.

CohortApprox no. of cases available (Feb 2019)
Child/Young Person 11,000
Mother 11,500
Partner 3,300

Collaborators wishing to genotype the DNA should submit requests to the ALSPAC Executive Committee as outlined in our ALSPAC access policy (PDF, 891kB).

The genotyping company, LGC, holds stocks of ALSPAC DNA and collaborators are encouraged to use their genotyping services for simple SNP genotyping in order to preserve DNA stocks and reduce costs. All requests for genotyping ALSPAC DNA at LGC must be approved by the ALSPAC Executive Committee and orders placed via the Bristol Bioresource Laboratories.

For further information about existing genetic data, please contact For queries relating to genotyping, please contact the Bristol Bioresource Laboratories,

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