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A standard Powerpoint template has been provided with a choice of opening and closing slides. Simply click and delete to remove the ones you don’t want. Alternative images, which can be used for opening and closing slides, as well as section dividers, are available in the image bank.

This alternative template is for use by researchers only, with audiences that are more familiar with the name ALSPAC than with Children of the 90s:

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Image bank

Pictures of the Executive Committee

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Powerpoint backgrounds with Children of the 90s branding

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Copyright for the photographs above belongs to Nick Smith photography and permission must be sought from him before using any of them. 

Historical photos


Recruitment area, overlaid on a map of the region (underlying map © OpenStreetMap contributors, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license (CC-BY-SA)). NB: You must include the licensing statement when using this image, whether on a slide, a poster, a web page or any other context.

Recruitment area schematic map without roads, but with names of population centres. No licensing statement necessary.

Figures and diagrams

"Building a bank of life" overview diagram of data collection. Taken from Pearson, Helen (10 April 2012). "Children of the 90s: Coming of age". Nature 484 (7393): 155–158. doi:10.1038/484155a Copyright 2012 Nature Publishing Group: reproduced by permission.

Data collection plans. CC-BY-SA. Attribution must include a link to childrenofthe90s.ac.uk .

For figures and tables related to ALSPAC-G2 (COCO90s) recruitment and data collection, see the dedicated page.

Key findings

Visual representations of key findings can be found here and here. The images are Creative Commons, meaning that credit needs to be given to the photographers. Details are under each image.