Healthy bodies and healthy minds


Bristol is committed to supporting mental health, and donations like yours are helping to promote positive wellbeing. 

Physical activity has been proven to boost mood and reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. This idea is at the heart of Healthy Minds, a physical activity intervention that taps into the proven benefits of exercise to support Bristol students experiencing mental health difficulties while at university.

Founded in 2016 and implemented by our Division of Sport, Exercise and Health, Healthy Minds strives to encourage a sustainable mentally and physically healthy lifestyle that can be maintained after completing the programme. Students are supported to feel better in the short term, and learn skills and behaviours that will help them to proactively manage their wellbeing through physical activity in the long term. 

The programme can support up to 650 students each year (undergraduate and postgraduate), and is available to both those with a diagnosed mental health condition and those who are experiencing a challenging time for reasons such as loneliness or exam stress.

Healthy Minds offers three different tiers, to ensure that each student receives the right kind of support. This can include:

  • Regular sessions with an allocated activity mentor (fitness staff with advanced mental health training)
  • A peer mentor to provide support in the gym or activity classes
  • Help to develop a personal activity plan
  • Free access to the University gym and a range of sporting opportunities
  • Participation in a social sport and activity timetable created exclusively for Healthy Minds
  • Support for future health maintenance

Gifts from Bristol alumni and friends will help Healthy Minds to provide the best possible experience for our students. Thank you.

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