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A rare bird

19 April 2006

Rare Bird, a film about the cahow, made its world premiere at the ninth Bermuda International Film Festival.

A film by a Bristol graduate made its world premiere at the ninth Bermuda International Film Festival held on 17-25 March 2006.

Lucinda SpurlingLucinda Spurling (MA 2001) spent the last two-and-a-half years working on Rare Bird, a feature-length documentary on the story of the cahow, a seabird species native to Bermuda that was believed to be extinct as of 1620 only to be rediscovered 325 years later.  The film is also the story of David Wingate, the 15-year-old boy who helped to find the bird. He went on to become Bermuda's first conservation officer, and dedicated his life to ensuring the continuation of this unique species.

Lucinda grew up in Bermuda and came to Bristol for a year to study Film and Video Production. She worked as a freelance editor in England for a few years before returning home.

She said: 'I have always had a passionate love of animals and an inner feeling of duty to protect them so I spent my youth and early college years hoping to become a vet and then took a dramatic turn towards film. I can see all of my early influences in Rare Bird – my love of wildlife and an appreciation for a good detective story, which is what the cahow story is.'