• Quiet Killers: The Fall and Rise of Deadly Diseases by Dr Robert Baker (MB ChB 1988) 20 February 2007 With bird flu a very present threat, this is a timely and important look at the impact of quiet killers through the ages. Some infectious agents are becoming resistant to nearly all available antibiotics; differences in travel and social behaviour spread infections more widely; and, with changes in climate, diseases are either being described for the first time, or appearing in previously unaffected areas.
  • Government to match philanthropic giving to universities 15 February 2007 The Government has announced a matched-funding scheme for Higher Education institutions (HEIs) in England to encourage philanthropic donations.
  • Project U.L.F. by Stuart Clark (BSc 1993) 5 February 2007 Stuart Clark's debut novel is a science-fiction adventure set on a hostile world. Wyatt Dorren leads a team of trappers on a specimen gathering expedition for Chicago's Interplanetary zoo. However, Wyatt is soon to discover that he is the victim of a foul conspiracy – and the hunters have become the hunted.
  • Bad Mother's Handbook becomes TV hit 29 January 2007 The best-selling novel by Kate Long (BA 1987) about the perils of motherhood has been made into a TV series starring comedy actress Catherine Tate. The Bad Mother's Handbook will be screened on ITV in February 2007.
  • Underwater adventures – from the comfort of your sofa 29 January 2007 Top diver Miranda Krestovnikoff (BSc 1994) will be one of the key presenters on the world’s first broadband TV channel dedicated to the mysteries and marvels of the underwater world.
  • Bristol: City on the Edge by Neill Menneer and Tim Mowl (BEd 1975) 25 January 2007 For a 1000 years Bristol has been badly governed. In every age, out of greed or plain stupidity, Bristolians have made the wrong decisions in developing their city, yet art and architecture have rioted in the resultant thousand errors. This book, packed with beautiful photographs, illustrates those errors and attempts to account for the paradox.
  • The Knife and Fork Man by Bill Fairney (BSc 1963) 1 January 2007 This book chronicles the life and work of Charles Benjamin Redrup, an innovative engineer who built his first engine in 1896 and his last in 1953
  • Christ Triumphant by Michael Saward (BA 1955) 1 January 2007 Prizewining author of 17 books and over 100 hymns, his hymns have appeared in over 215 hymnbooks across the world. The texts of 75 hymns and psalm paraphrases written by Michael Saward between 1962 and 2006 are contained in this book.
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