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Ask a biologist

1 March 2007

Tyrannosaurus rex: predator or scavenger? How do reptiles like chameleons change colour? Do bananas have seeds? A new website has been launched by a Bristol graduate which gives children direct access to scientists who can answer their burning biological questions.

Dr David Hone (BSc 1999, PhD 2006) has assembled a team of more than 60 professional scientists from around the world to answer questions put to them on the site. Many of them are from Bristol, including Dr Alice Roberts who presents the BBC TV series Don't Die Young.

The site offers children a chance to interact with scientists of all disciplines and to learn more about how science works. It also provides a tool for teachers to encourage talented and enthusiastic children.

It includes an archive of old questions and answers, short essays on how to become a biologist and carry out research, mini biographies of the scientists involved, and a raft of links to other good websites.