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Team triumphs in Atlantic race

6 February 2008

A Bristol graduate and his three team mates have won the 2007 Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race. The 3,000-mile course is reputed to be the toughest rowing challenge in the world.

After seven weeks of rowing, Tom Harvey (MSc 2003) and his fellow Atlantic adventurers, Robbie Grant, John Cecil-Wright and Carl Theakston, arrived in Antigua on 20 January 2008 ahead of the rest of the field.

Twenty-five metre waves, violent storms and blisters were just some of the challenges the lads faced along the way.

Tom described how it felt at the end of the race: ‘The heroes welcome we received in Antigua will live with me forever. If I could sell this feeling now I would be a millionaire. I can't believe we have actually finished the race, some days it felt like this moment would never come. I've dreamt about this day for the past year, it is the culmination of seven weeks of massive effort.' 

The team braved the high seas in a bid to raise money for homeless charities. So far they have raised £20,000 and hope to sell the boat for £30,000, which will also be donated to charity.