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Bristol pair help construct Albanian highway

28 May 2008

Two Bristol graduates are working on the construction of a 60-kilometre highway, which will link Albania with its neighbour Kosovo.

Guy Skillit, who studied environmental science, is environmental lead for the project and Roger Mears, who studied civil engineering, is structures supervisor. Winding its way through the remote mountains of Albania, the highway includes no less than 27 bridges and a six kilometre tunnel. ‘It’s an incredibly tough civil engineering project, due to the difficult topography and geology of the region,’ said Roger. ‘And work in a developing country such as Albania poses its own political and logistical challenges.’

Roger and Guy first met as Freshers when they moved into adjacent blocks in Wills Hall. In 2005, they met again when starting work for Bechtel, the US-owned global construction and engineering company. Since then they have, purely by coincidence, worked together on the construction of a new airport in Doha, State of Qatar, and the project in Albania.

The pair now live in adjacent rooms in a 2,000 person construction camp, which they describe as ‘somewhat different to Wills Hall’.