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Past students helping present students

3 June 2008

£300,000 of alumni donations was recently distributed to various exciting projects around the University.

£300,000 of alumni donations was recently distributed to a range of exciting projects around the University.

Veterinary students have always gained hands-on practical experience on live animals. As class sizes have increased, this has raised issues around animal welfare. Increasingly universities are using life-size manikins to teach students certain surgical procedures and handling techniques. Thanks to a grant of £25,000, Bristol Vet School will get its very own 'Haptic Cow' – a simulator for training vet students to undertake internal abdominal examinations using haptic (touch sensitive) technology.

The Centre for Hearing and Balance Studies will receive £8,500 to raise awareness of hearing health for staff and students within the University. It plans to tackle the poor public understanding of the long-term effects of music exposure by organising a Hearing Health Open Day as well as distributing leaflets and information.

Alumni donations have part-funded a project that will help the University to reduce its carbon footprint by harnessing solar power. The solar projects will be visible by all and will help to focus staff and students' attention on saving energy.

The full list of funded projects will be posted soon.