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11 May 2009

In his new book, 'SuperSense: From Superstition to Religion – the Brain Science of Belief', Professor Bruce Hood explores where superstitious beliefs come from.

Would you wear a serial killer’s cardigan? Most of us would say no, but why?

According to Professor Bruce Hood, Professor of Developmental Psychology, many believe that the garment is contaminated, as if that person's evil 'essence' would rub off on us. This is because we have what he calls a 'supersense', or a belief that there are energies, patterns, forces and entities operating in the world that are categorically denied by science.

In his new book, SuperSense: From Superstition to Religion – the Brain Science of Belief, Professor Hood explores where such beliefs come from.

The book’s publication ties in with a special lecture Professor Hood is giving at the Centenary Alumni Weekend on Saturday 4 July.

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