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Want to run the London Marathon?

9 October 2009

The Campaigns & Alumni Relations Office will be selecting six alumni to participate in the Virgin 2010 London Marathon on Sunday 25 April 2010, to raise money for the University’s Cancer Research Fund. Last year, the runners raised over £7,600 for the Fund.

The Cancer Research Fund is involved in research of international importance into cancer prevention and treatment.  Research is undertaken into many aspects of the major cancers including breast, bowel, laryngeal, oral, prostate cancers and leukaemia.

Grants are awarded to cancer researchers to buy laboratory consumables or small pieces of equipment.  These grants give young researchers the opportunity to work towards the crucial preliminary results that will enable them to gain larger project grants from the major medical research funding bodies.  The results of this type of research can have national and international implications in the fight against cancer.  However, developments in the prevention, the knowledge and understanding of causation and the treatment of the vast numbers of cancers can only continue by supporting those researchers with the knowledge and skill.

If you would like to make a donation towards the Cancer Research Fund or take part in the 2010 London Marathon, please contact Cecilia Evans in the Campaigns & Alumni Relations Office (telephone 0117 331 7139 or email